Will We Get to a Point Where We Stop Blaming Biden…

Photo by Edmond Dantu00e8s on Pexels.com

and start blaming those who voted for him? I’m almost at that point. I’m tired of biting my tongue and listening to liberal friends and family complain about the state of our union like they had nothing to do with it. They stupidly mailed in their ballots or dropped them in one of those phony drop boxes like we used to do with our film in the old days. Now they are complaining about empty shelves, incompetent workers, mask mandates for children, high gas prices, out of control covid, threats of war, inflation, vaccine mandates, and crime in their cities like it was a self fulfilling prophesy that came out of nowhere. Please.

They voted for this state of the union when they chose Biden! Do I have the guts to tell them and risk an argument or another hang up on the phone? Probably not. So I have to endure their complaints until we take over the House and things slowly get back to Trump days. Will I be able to hold out that long? I don’t know. I’ve held my tongue in the stores when asked “where’s my mask?” I’ve wanted to ask, “Why do I have to wear one when Biden doesn’t?” But I comply just to avoid a scene. Never liked scenes. But biting my tongue is putting a hole in it. I’m losing my patience with the whole ordeal.

I may get the courage to respond, “Elections have consequences” the next time I hear them complaining. Will that make them mad? I’m sure I’ll at least hear crickets on the phone while they think of a pithy response. Even afraid to say that as the left seems so angry lately. Maybe they secretly realize they voted for a radical dunce who’s ruining the country, or maybe they’re still blaming Trump for everything wrong in their lives like the media does. “When in doubt, it’s Trump’s fault” is their mantra.

My big question that the media isn’t asking is: “Why are blacks so angry and still causing havoc in the streets of some cities? They got the president they voted for. The RESIST Movement is over. What’s their beef?” The logical answer is they are taking advantage of the liberal policies that the DAs have put in place as well as the reduction in police force across the nation. If there’s no consequences for breaking the law, they keep doing it. But what are they mad at? Their behavior may be the result of a habit as it went on for too long without anyone in the media calling it what it was: Violent riots by anarchists. Instead they lied to our faces calling it “peaceful demonstrations.” We are seeing the reaps of what the media has sown.

I yearn for the day that someone in the mainstream media or one of my liberal friends or family say, “Gosh, I think we made a big mistake when we voted for Biden. He’s not who we thought he was. He’s divided the country down racial lines and ruined the economy. He’s cognitively impaired and can’t negotiate with our enemies. I wish we had Trump back in office despite his mean tweets.” But I won’t hold my breath.

In the meantime, the country is going to hell in a handbasket while we keep blaming Biden. The real blame lies with those who voted for him or cheated to get him in office. That’s where the real blame should be as we knew Biden was a corrupt politician with his hands in the cookie jar and not up for the job. Neither was his choice for VP. When will this nightmare end?


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