I’m Seeing a Disturbing Pattern in Washington.

Photo by Jeff Seven on Pexels.com

Since when do organizers of senators’ funerals ask that a former president not attend the funeral? Who is behind all this mean-girl mentality? Trump was the best thing to ever happen to the Republican Party and Senator Dole once praised him. Why wouldn’t Trump be allowed to attend his funeral? Who’s in charge of these funerals? Sounds like vindictive Biden at play.

I notice Biden had to call out every former president and their wife’s names in his eulogy making it noticeable that Trump was not in attendance. This guy is so jealous of Trump he can’t stand to even drop his hate for Trump during a Republican funeral. So jealous. Trump deserved to be there and give the eulogy for Dole, not cheatin’ Biden.

Now TIME says that Trump is a funeral skunk. Cute. But I think the skunks are those that aren’t allowing Trump to attend. It stinks to high heaven.

“To say Trump has been bad in dealing with deaths would be a massive under-statement. Whereas Joe Biden has rightly been called America’s Grief Counselor for his ability to help a nation navigate loss, having endured so much of himself, Trump might as well be known as America’s Funeral Skunk.” TIME.

If Biden is America’s Grief Counselor why didn’t he visit the 60 or more victims in the hospital that got mowed down by Darrell Brooks? That was a real hate crime and domestic terror attack but the FBI is ignoring it as well as Biden. He’s no grief counselor. He’s a political hack that only cares about deaths that happen to black victims and his son Beau.

These cowards that attended the funeral today don’t want to be upstaged by President Trump. I notice Mike Pence was there schmoozing it up with others. What a disgrace. If not for Pence, Trump would be president right now. He should not have been invited.

Washington D.C. is so filled with phonies that pretend to be your friend, it’s nauseating. Joe told another self-serving whopper at Dole’s funeral recalling something Dole said about Senator Biden making it sound like Dole was intimidated by Biden. I can assure you, when Biden says, “no joke” after his whopper, it’s not a joke; it’s a well-rehearsed lie. War hero Dole would never be intimidated by Sleepy Joe. No one is.

The Democrat Party is doing their best to make Trump irrelevant, invisible, and forgettable by their mean-girl actions. It is childish, abhorrent, and unconstitutional, IMO. A past president should never be made irrelevant, especially not Trump. It is their way of implying, “Trump incited the January 6th riot and doesn’t deserve to be in the ceremony.”

I’m sick of it and something has to be said. Someone like Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, or Jim Jordan need to speak out against this exclusive good ol’ boy club that Obama, Clinton, Carter, Bush, and Biden are running. What’s the name of their club, Snub Trump? It’s petty, sophomoric, and should be shut down. Reagan and Limbaugh must be spinning in their graves. Shame on George Bush and Mike Pence for not insisting Trump be in attendance.

On a side note: Those I see in the media that still think Smollett is innocent and that the jury was racist are sick and need professional help. Smollett was a known Trump-hater that sought out to ruin Trump. Trump called it a sham from the get go. He was the only one who got it right. Yet Psaki today says everyone should learn something for speaking out too soon, even Trump? She must be smoking something awful. Jussie deserves to be sued for defamation, but he’ll probably get a job at CNN. They always reward Trump haters.


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