If Vaccines and Masks Work, Why Aren’t They Working?

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

I stole this line from Dan Bongino’s radio talk show; but I don’t think he’ll mind. He compared it to baseball players who were considered great hitters; but when the team needed them, they couldn’t get a hit. If they’re great hitters, why aren’t they hitting? Something like that. So why is it that people are still catching covid when they followed the rules? Why is it that more people have died this year than last and most of them were vaccinated and masked up? Makes no sense.

This administration has dished out so much false information on the covid 19 virus, that it makes it impossible for the average person to navigate it all. Too much information, but most of it wrong. Why don’t illegals need to be vaccinated or masked but the rest of us do? Makes no sense. Why can Joe Biden go shopping in a store without a mask, but the rest of us can’t? Makes no sense. Why can Fauci attend an indoor party without a mask, but the rest of us can’t? Why did we all need to be vaccinated, if we still have to wear masks? Makes no sense. Why do some companies require employees to be vaccinated and others don’t? Makes no sense.

Why haven’t therapeutics that are tried and true with good results been pushed by this administration rather than heading to the ER to be put on a respirator? Makes no sense. Why did Biden refuse to fund therapeutic medicines to Florida but allowed it to other states? Makes no sense. Why do school children have to wear masks when there is evidence that they are low risk to catching covid, masks stunt their progress in school, and are unhealthy? Makes no sense.

I think the answer to all of the above is that covid is Biden’s political lasso around America’s neck. He is using it to keep us all under his control. When we start to feel free, he pulls in the reins like a psychotic horseman. He changes the rules. He puts Fauci on the mic to mess with our heads once again. But we aren’t all falling for it. I haven’t listened to Fauci this whole year. He disgusts me.

When they say they are following the science, they aren’t following anything. They are picking and choosing and guessing what they think will be best for us or maybe worse for us. Who knows what the motive is behind all their crazy rules but one thing for sure, it’s not scientific. It’s political science.

Trump would have done none of the above. He probably would have fired Fauci by now, a little too late, but nonetheless. He would not have imposed vaccine or mask mandates to any groups. He would have promoted the use of therapeutics across the nation with clinics to administer them when ordered by your doctor. He’d never allow masks on children in school and would require schools to remain open. If we had done this, instead of what Biden’s been doing, we’d all be better off now. Too bad the Democrats cheated to get Biden in the White House. “Promises made, promises broken,” should be his new slogan. He promised to shut down the virus. Good job.

On a side note: Studies show that Democrats refuse to mingle with Republicans; but Republicans have no problem mingling with Democrats. Who’s the more inclusive party? GOP. Who’s the intolerant party? Democrats. And they claim the mantle of being tolerant and openminded. Have the mainstream news ever had a true Republican on any of their panels? No. But conservative news always has that one annoying Democrat like Geraldo, scratchy voiced gal, or Juan Williams. Proof’s in the pudding.


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