Memories Bring Back You.

As this year comes to an end I think back to all that this country has endured in such a short time, and it makes me hurt. I hurt for the loss of Rush Limbaugh who used to fill my mornings with humor and insight into what was going on in the world. I hurt for missing Trump as our leader who managed to maneuver us through all the chaos the left threw at us each and every day. He kept our ship upright. Now, unfortunately, I wake each morning wondering what this country has become, and it has me afraid. Very afraid. Afraid some days to turn on the news.

It appears we are stuck with a demented leader, but we don’t even want Kammie to replace him as she’s even worse. We have lost so much this year aside from lives from covid, tornadoes, soldiers and hostages in Afghanistan, shootings, riots, and domestic terror. We lost respect from other countries as we put Weekend at Bernies in the White House. We’ve lost traditional values big time in our youth. They seem to be living in an alternative world almost like they were raised by wolves. It’s like a horror movie some days and the media downplays it. The more they ignore it, the more it incentivizes them to repeat it. We’ve lost energy independence, our border security, and respect for law and order.

I pray next year the people will finally realize that the media lies to us daily especially Pippi Longstocking Psaki, and we should sue the lot of them. Sue them for every mandate, every bill, and every false arrest they make on us. We have to take back our country one lawsuit at a time. Hopefully, we get juries made up of rational thinkers who are also fed up. And then next year take back the House and send Pelsoi and Schumer packing.

In the meantime, I’ll have memories of better times, better people, and a better country. Much better country.

Prayers to the victims and families of the recent tornadoes.


One thought on “Memories Bring Back You.

  1. People tend to think this happened to us over the past year, me included. The truth is, we have been getting punched harder and harder round after round, they the left just went in for the knockout. But they didn’t knock us out completely, we are on one knee and the bell is about to ring to end the round. We can recover, if we have a two term Republican president. As much as I love DJT, he’s only good for one term. My money is on DeSantis. I hope the Republicans realize how important a two term Prez is, and gets behind Ron DeSantis, Trump included. If we don’t dominate D.C. for the next 10 years, we’re finished.

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