2022 New Year’s Resolutions to Save America.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

In no particular order:

  1. Fire all District Attorneys that were funded by George Soros and also fire Fauci.
  2. End mask mandates on children in school and people in stores, banks, and restaurants! Mass transportation okay.
  3. Pass a bill making it a misdemeanor to wear a mask outdoors and a felony while driving alone in your car. Police need to see your face when they pull up next to you.
  4. End covid vaccine mandates by employers and military, making it optional only.
  5. End covid vaccine requirements in schools.
  6. End the mass requirement of covid testing unless one requests a test or has symptoms.
  7. Secure our borders, complete the wall, and send migrants packing that try to sneak across.
  8. Restart construction of Keystone pipeline and other pipelines which were halted.
  9. Allow police to enforce laws on the books and not let criminals to be released to appear later in court.
  10. End all stimulus checks and extended unemployment checks to those sitting at home claiming fear of covid is the reason they cannot return to work.
  11. End all teachings of Critical Race Theory 100% in our schools all the way through college
  12. Put an end to transgenders allowed in women’s sports and bathrooms.
  13. Increase production, distribution, and knowledge of covid therapeutic pills like Merck making them covered by insurance and free to those without health insurance.
  14. End the January 6th Commission witch hunt.
  15. Vote as many Democrats out in 2022 as we can.
  16. End mail in ballots unless requested, clean the voter rolls of deceased and nonresidents, require voter ID, background checks on all election workers, allow inspectors from both sides in every election office.
  17. Begin a real investigation into China’s involvement in the creation and spread of covid 19 and sue them for loss of lives, jobs, and wealth.
  18. Hold the media accountable for every lie or suppression of the news by fining them and reversing their Pulitzer Prizes based on lies.
  19. Fine big tech social media for discrimination every time they ban a conservative or a story from their platform but allow terrorists to continue their propaganda. It’s discrimination. News of Hunter’s laptop was banned by them prior to the election.
  20. Make it illegal for big tech to donate to a political party through means of a phony charitable organization.

These few resolutions alone will save America from turmoil across the globe, inflation, escalating crime in our streets and stores, election fraud, and put an end to covid. It’s a start. After this, and only after this, can we seriously address the homeless, wildfires, and drug issues.


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