Biden Admits Trump was Right All Along…

again, but in a lefthanded way. Biden said, “There is no federal solution [to covid]. This gets solved at a state level.” Duh! Just ask Ron DeSantis. What took so long?

While Trump was president, he supplied whatever each state needed in a timely manner and had it under control until big shot Biden comes along and takes over. His whole staff said it was a national pandemic to be handled by the federal government. Trump encouraged use of therapeutics starting with Hydroxychloroquine but got rebuffed by the media. How many lives were lost due to the media discouraging its use? Too many.

Problem is, the feds have no skin in the game and could care less about red states. They also are a bunch of inept academia types that have never run anything let alone a pandemic. Probably why they refused to extend a helping hand with therapeutics to Florida when they asked for them. They could “pick and choose” which states to kill off people in. I guess when his blue states started complaining about the spread of covid, he realized his jig is up and throws in the towel, cries uncle, puts up the white flag, i.e. surrenders to Trump’s plan all along. How’s that egg on your face feel, Biden?

But will he admit it? No. He’ll make it sound like he had an original idea to let the states handle covid. Trump will get no credit. But he also needs to put his money where is mouth is and lift the federal vaccine and mask mandates across the nation. No school should be forcing masks on children without scientific evidence of its effectiveness and adverse side effects revealed. Leave it up to their governors and see how long they stay in office. He also needs to announce the early use of the covid pills that just got approved by the FDA. Guess there’s no profit in that for him or Fauci.

And lastly, fire flipflop Fauci and name new heads to the CDC, Health and Human Resources, and Surgeon General. They all got it wrong. Watch for more news of January 6th to hit the airwaves to distract Americans from the out of control handling of covid. Wait for it.


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