“…my Republican Friends. Get Ready, Bal. You’re gonna in for a Probum,” Warns Biden.

Boy, the GOP must be shakin’ in their poots. This guy cannot complete a sentence without mispronouncing a word or blending them all together into a word smoothie. And what’s with the anger and threats? Everything he wants to address like crime, immigration, and police reform was ruined under his policies. The only unity he wants is within the Democrat Party. GOP be damned. His hate for the GOP is quite evident in this full video addressed to Democrats. He may as well have called us deplorables.

And this is the president who promised to be not just for blue states and red states but for the United States of America. BS. “Promises made; promises broken” should be his motto if he wants to run again. This guy thinks he’s going to keep the House and Senate in 2022? That is laughable. I guess he is planning another organized cheat campaign thus all the fear of covid being spread so he can try that pesky mail in ballot scheme with the help of Zuckerberg who supplied all the drop boxes in critical cities.

The only thing the Democrats are good at is cheating. Does that make them better at running a country? No. It just makes them better at cheating. Cheaters never win in the long run thus why his polls are sinking faster than the Titanic. Even Hillary is turning on them. When late night comedy and Hillary (which are one and the same) start going after this administration, they know they are in trouble. One can only hope. Plus their karma stinks.

Happy New Year and Pray for a better 2022.


What has happened to Larry David’s writing? This is the worst season of Curb I’ve ever watched topping if off with a segment honoring Lt Col. Vindman who should have been court martialed for treason. How could Larry get it so wrong? They kept calling Vindman a hero and gave him a party. It was sickening. Where’s Seinfeld when we need him? Even he would have been offended.

Larry, your writing has taken a hit maybe due to political correctness or covid or just that you are a Jewish Democrat trying to be loyal to your party or HBO. Whatever the reason, come on man, no bueno this year. Cut with all the vagina references. If you need someone to ghost write, call me. I’ve got some good mask episodes you can use. Penis hugs and vagina rejuvenation? Really? You’re losing what’s funny.


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