Will Manners, Civility, and Decency Return in 2022?

Believe it: 'Back to the Future' predicted Trump's run
Biden’s Pleasure Paradise

We certainly saw none of this in 2021. In fact, 2021 was worse than 2020 when covid first broke out. By 2021, people had their heels dug in and were either on board with every lie this administration told us or were against every lie this administration told us. There was no gray area. Just black and white.

Lootings, carjackings, fake hate crimes, shootings, muggings, home invasions, media coverups, and outright rudeness prevailed in 2021, and the culprits got away with it. It was like watching a real life Back to the Future II whereby corrupt casino owner turned once peaceful Hill Valley into a chaotic dystopia overridden with crime and violence. It starts at the top, and we are witnessing it in real time. Sorry. For those who don’t believe it; sorry, but it is true. Corruption begets corruption. Biden is Biff Tannen.

The media can sugarcoat Biden with stories of a new puppy, correct all his garbled language, and ignore his phone calls with heads of state; but the rest of us know what’s going on. And where are all these whistleblowers that used to listen in on Trump’s calls like fat-face Vindman? Oh, I guess it was just another hoax to get Trump impeached since “Russia Russia Russia” didn’t work. Of course, it was. But stupid billionaire celebrities like Larry David believed it. Shame on him.

Last night’s New Year’s entertainment in various cities showed us the black and white we are living in. Miami entertainment was darn right indecent with scantily clothed singers shaking their big naked butts into the camera, and the audience didn’t look much better. It was gross. But then you turned to Nashville and the music was epic, sung by country western groups like Brooks and Dunn attended by attractive, dancing unmasked fans. Not a mask in the bunch. One audience, the vision of goodness; and the other, like a gathering of strip club attendees.

This is where we’re at folks. Our country is divided down the middle by cultural differences. Big time: Masks vs. no masks, mandates vs. no mandates, mocking therapeutics vs. using therapeutics, open borders vs. closed borders, transgenders in women’s sports vs. just women, censoring free speech vs. freedom of speech, defund the police vs. respect the police, no rights to defend vs. rights to defend, abandoning our allies vs. supporting our allies, teaching CRT vs. eliminating CRT, atheists vs. worship of God, blaming Trump vs. supporting Trump, Joy Behar vs. Greg Gutfeld, dishonesty vs. honesty, crime vs. law and order, and meanness vs. kindness. Simple as that. Black and White. No gray.

I doubt if our differences will go away with Biff at the helm, but maybe we can keep them to ourselves just a little more than we did in 2021. I don’t mind healthy debate, but I do mind poor manners, incivility, and indecency.

Vote the elected Biff worshipers out in 2022.


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