There’s Not an Epidemic of Covid. There’s an Epidemic of Blaming, Shaming, and Needless Testing.

Truman Show presidency': Biden mocked for using fake White House set across  street from real White House | The Independent
Fake president in fake Oval Office.

I’ve never heard so much talk about getting tested. For what?! Why are we testing so much? I see no reason to be tested unless you have a fever, coughing, feeling fatigued, or taking a flight. Other than that, just grin an bear it until it passes. It’s just like the common flu or cold. We need to get over ourselves and this obsession on whether or not we caught covid. If you did and didn’t get symptoms, great. If you didn’t, also great. Why do you need proof? So you can tell your friends on Facebook you survived covid?

Call your doctor when you are feeling sick and see if you can get anti-viral therapeutics like the Merck or Pfizer pills even though I hear they are hard to come by. Thanks to Biden who is picking and choosing which states will be able to get access to therapeutics, the guy is sick. He is the Punisher in Chief. Notice he is a one trick pony. The only solution to everything wrong in this country (which he caused) is GETTING VACCINATED. Back up at the ports? Get vaccinated. Inflation? Get vaccinated. Crime in the cities? Get vaccinated. High beef prices? Get vaccinated. He has the nerve to want small children vaccinated without years of tried and true results.

He knows he sucks at being president and will blame every person that didn’t vote for him. My poor son who drove up from LA to have Christmas with his family and friends got blamed for every outbreak of covid that occurred. He did not have covid but his friends forced him to get tested. He was negative. I was around him four times and didn’t catch it but people are looking for someone to blame or shame for not wearing a mask or for spreading it to them. This world is getting cruel to live in when we have to live around these types of people. They are a bunch of Karens even the guys. I’ll call them Kens. Kens and Karens out there pointing their fingers at loved ones in order to relieve themselves of their own carelessness in catching covid. It’s always someone else’s fault.

I predict covid will be a thing of the past by Easter just like Trump tried to predict in 2020 prior to the bogus “two weeks to flatten the curve shutdowns” which didn’t work. Now that covid is spreading like a normal flu, it will fizzle out when the temps warm up. Trump was right again but they wouldn’t let him be right.

My goal is to get through this covid catastrophe (just like the Afghanistan debacle) without getting tested once. Crossed fingers. It is every man for themselves at this point in the game. Leaving it up to Fauci and Biden was a fool’s errand. They don’t care about the lives of anyone based on their frivolous, nonsensical polices.

Good luck and may we all stay well. We are living in unchartered times with a fake president that sits at a fake desk with fake scenery outside his window. That alone should say it all.


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