The Covidcrats are Running Scared.

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All they have left to hang their hat on is the coronavirus and all that that entails when the midterms come around. Especially now that they have egg on their faces after a poor January 6th performance. Some congressmen and women are choosing to quit before the midterms as they can see the writing on the wall. The covidcrats are isolating the unvaccinated, loosening up election laws, shaming unvaccinated athletes, demanding employees and students be vaccinated, refusing the unvaccinated in restaurants and flights, discriminating against whites trying to get therapeutic treatment, etc., etc. The list is too long and most of it is unconstitutional and more like communism.

Since when is it okay to pick and choose who gets medical treatment based on their race? Martin Luther King would be spinning in his grave if he thought the government had swung the pendulum 180 degrees to now discriminating against white people. That was not his intention when he made his famous speech where he hoped his children would not be “judged by the color of their skin but rather by their character.” We all hoped that but it seems the covidcrats have taken it too far.

They are using covid to gain power over the people, free elections, and freedom in general. Everything they do now is to gain power over us. To control us. Even your covidcrat relatives and friends are using covid to shame, blame, and marginalize us as unpatriotic if we haven’t taken the booster. It is sick. The sickness has spread to the people, but it starts at the top. Biden is running the show whether we admit it or not. Biden has a vindictive personality and wants to punish all those that suspect he cheated. He wants to eliminate us. He thinks only the unvaccinated are Trump supporters, but he’s wrong; many Biden supporters are unvaccinated as well.

He is the most pessimistic, uninspiring president warning us of dark winters of death, especially the unvaccinated. It’s shocking how he speaks. Curiously though, those that agree with him are coming down with covid in record numbers. In fact, the red states have fewer cases of omnicron than the blue states. Why is that? “Rules for thee but not for me” comes to mind. AOC, Psaki, Whoopi, Geraldo, Perino, and others who didn’t support Trump are all falling victim to Omnicron. They are the biggest proponents for vaccinations too. I guess the vaccinations didn’t work for them, and they should shut the hell up. Let people choose what is right for their own bodies. No one should be forcing a vaccination on us. No one. But I digress.

The covidcrats showed their desperation on January 6th with their divisive speeches filled with lies and a performance from the cast of Hamilton that was recorded in 2020 rendering it irrelevant. But this is what they do. Everything they do is staged because they think we the people are stupid. Sure some are, like the gullibles on The View as they have turned into the covidcrats believing everything that Fauci, the CDC, and Biden say. This is the intention to scare the people into voting by mail and voting often like they did in 2020. Even encouraging cheating as “the means justifies the end” in the covidcrat’s minds. They have even dragged out Michelle to make a video saying how important the midterms are.

The covidcrats are running scared. Proof is whenever they have to drag out Michelle and Oprah, we know they are scared to death. Personally, I can’t wait for the midterms when we take over the House and impeach both Biden and Kamalface for not securing our borders which is dereliction of duty of the president. But does our GOP have the mettle to go after them like the covidcrats did to Trump over and over? I haven’t seen it in the past. AG Barr and Sessions failed at it. Let’s see what the next Speaker of the House can do. Wish it were Trump.


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