More Proof FBI Was Behind Capitol Breach.

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During a Senate Hearing with the Assistant Director of the FBI, Ted Cruz grilled her with very specific questions on whether or not the FBI had infiltrated the crowd in front of the Capitol, whether they took down barricades, and whether they incited violent behavior from others in the crowd. Now, if the FBI was undercover and behaving properly, her answers would have been straight forward Yes’s or No’s. But she hummed and hawed her way through the questions with a pat answer, “We cannot disclose our methods” or “I can’t answer that question.”

“Then what the hell are you doing here at a meeting?” I would have retorted.

Lastly Cruz asked, “Do you know of Ray Epps and what have you discovered about his behavior at the Capitol and prior to the riot?” Her answer was, “Yes, I am aware of him but have no further information about him.” That is suspicious as he was on tape inciting a crowd with them shouting “FED FED FED.”

Lastly, and the most egregious of her answers was when Cruz asked outright, “Did the FBI incite violence at the Capitol Building or not?” She hesitated at first then answered, “Not that I know of.” Big lie. Can she be indicted for lying under oath? Just wondering. If they hadn’t incited violence her answer should have been a flat “NO!” But notice she put the caveat that she was not aware of it. Shouldn’t the Assistant Director of the FBI know of it? Of course. She lied!

All her answers were evasive and vague yet the questions were not. This proves to me that they were behind it and got caught and are now in the CYA process. There needs to be a Special Counsel to investigate the FBI. PERIOD. Someone needs to appoint one and it won’t be finger wagging, shouting, angry Biden. He’s lost all creds at the last speech he gave. It was disgraceful. He is getting angrier and angrier and it shows. He didn’t smile once except when he lied about being an activist for the Black Movement. He was the complete opposite. He once said, “integrated schools would be like sending his kids (Hunter) to a jungle.” He is the biggest racist president we have ever put in office. But, oh, I forgot he put himself in office with the help of many lawless folks. Ironically, the only supporters he has left are Black Lives Matter judging by the audience he had yesterday. They ate up every word.

I notice the covidcrats continue to use the term “the big lie” over and over. We will have to start countering that by calling the election fraud “the big truth”. See how they like it. But I’m convinced based on this latest hearing that the FBI was behind the Capitol Breach, 100%; working in concert with little old Nance and the D.C. Mayor. Time to bring fly-in-the-ointment Chris Wray in front of congress for some pressing questions. He can’t still play the naiveite card with his signature smirk. That’s getting old.


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