Close Encounter of the Third Variant.

Best remedy for covid: bedrest.

As a recent victim of the highly contagious variant strain of covid-19 even though I’m vaccinated, wearing my mask, and at the vulnerable age, I can honestly say, “It wasn’t that bad.”

I’ve always thought that it will be the luck of the draw at this point, and we’ll probably succumb to the feared OMICRON if we want to live our lives, and it happened last Wednesday. I innocently brought my car into the dealership for a routine service and asked for a shuttle ride so I wouldn’t have to sit in their waiting room for two hours. A nice lady said she was the driver and off I went. She didn’t drive a mini bus like usual but rather her own small compact. I went to open the back door and she said, “Sit in the front.” My inner voice said no thanks but I didn’t listen.

Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I sat in the front seat in closed quarters with a relatively friendly, chatty lady. It was about a fifteen minute drive where she dropped me off. Covid was the last thing on my mind. That was all it took though. She wore a cloth mask and I had the hospital blue one on but that, notwithstanding, does not stop the virus.

Two hours later when I got back to the dealership they told me the reason it took so long was they had many employees “out sick.” Still didn’t register with me. I called back on Friday as my part came in, and I needed another appointment. They said everyone is out sick with covid. I responded, “Then I’ll wait until your outbreak is over to come back in.”

It starts with a mild sore throat which came on suddenly Friday night. I thought for an instance Hmmm, I wonder if I caught covid? Then in the morning the second I got out of bed, it hit me like a Mack truck. I felt really fatigued with cold chills running up and down my body. I bundled up, turned on the heat, and went back to bed. Whenever I got up my muscles ached fiercely from my neck down to my lower back. Then a wicked headache came. It covered my whole head like helmet. I took some Motrin and a hot bath as I was colder than s–t and ached all over. Then went back to bed. No appetite. I checked my fever about an hour later; it was 100.2. I knew then it was the feared Omicron. Oh shit I thought as I’m home alone.

Two more Motrin, some juice, and more rest. Day two: muscle aches, fever, and headache miraculously gone. It was now into my nose and sinuses. Watery eyes, plugged nose, post nasal junk and more fatigue. Day three: feeling more energy, most symptoms gone but fever and sore throat returns. Day four: feeling almost back to normal with mild sore throat and no fever. Not that bad considering all the hype in the news. I’ve had worse flus but they only last 24 hours. This one moves around your body like a highly engineered virus, which it is. Very clever virus.

Bottom line: Bedrest, Motrin, thermometer, and Kleenex are your best friends for three days. The masks don’t work when you are within two feet of a talker and in closed quarters. Vaccinations probably lessen the degree of the symptoms and keep you from being hospitalized. People that spread it have no idea they are sick so one cannot blame them. The blame game has to stop. No one would go out if they knew they had it. It comes on so fast like within an hour of first symptom. Then you are down for the count. The first day is the worst of it. Five days of quarantine from the first symptom. And lastly, don’t listen to a word Fauci says. He has no idea.

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