Biden Ducks, Weaves, and Dodges Soft Balls.

Photo by Bryce Carithers on

At Biden’s first presser in months where he promised to finally take questions, he appeared feisty and smug. He had what he perceived to be a funny comeback for some questions before the reporter was even finished, evidenced by his blooming smile. Must have ate his Wheaties yesterday and got a shot of B12 before he came on stage. He was well rehearsed in his answers.

He began taking prescreened questions from prescreened reporters with his preplanned answers written out in his binder that he flipped through until he found them. In short, he had cheat notes. Typical. But when he finally went off script, he got some relatively tough questions: “Why do you continue to run the country to the far left when it is clear it’s not working?” His answer was, “I’m not a socialist. Bernie Sanders is. Next.”

Then another question asking, “why do 49% of America think you have dementia?” His answer, “I have no idea. Next” He completely avoided a question about whether he was compromised with China because of his son’s shady doings over there. He lied about bringing up the origin of the Wuhan Virus with President Xi. No record of that.

Out of thirty reporters, not one question about the increase in crime across America or our open borders which are out of control. One reporter asked, “Will you run with Kamala again and do you think she’s doing a good job.?” His answer, “Yes and Yes. Next” Biden brought up John McCain two times like McCain would be in approval of what Biden has done. Not even McCain would. Besides McCain and Romney voted together.

So you see he was snarky, short, and outright rude. He did his standard lean-in whispering to one question about school closures. He’s out of touch. He had his standard pauses as he searched for words in his head that he had memorized. He snapped at one reporter about his speech comparing Republicans to racists in history and implied that the reporter couldn’t read or write. It is beneath a president to behave like that.

I gave him a B for his energy, but an F for his answers. And the reporters got a C+ as they continued to ask about conflict with Russia and Ukraine. Those aren’t the biggest problems we have here in our country. They were deflecting from our real kitchen table problems like safety in our streets and rising inflation.

He never took blame for the economy or bare shelves; it was covid’s fault. He tried to blame Trump for his failure in Afghanistan, again. He also brought up January 6th with a snide smirk. He said the Supreme Court made a mistake ruling against unconstitutional vaccine mandates, implying that he is smarter than the nine justices.

Twice he called out Republicans for not being FOR” Anything. My response to that would have been: “Republicans are FOR: low taxes, closed borders, election integrity, law and order, no vaccine mandates, freedom of choice to wear masks in schools, tough on crime, women only in women sports, energy independence, Keystone pipeline, covid therapeutics, the constitution, respect for the Supreme Court, honesty in journalism, building the wall, forest management, clean water, fossil fuel, no CRT in schools, arresting rioters and looters, in-class learning, no more pork bills that raise the deficit and our taxes for generations, peace through strength, and voter ID.” Easy answer to that accusation.

For him to generalize that Republicans aren’t FOR anything just because we think his policies suck, was a piss ass excuse for not having any good ideas. It’s Biden’s way or the highway. He is living in his own world, an alternative world. He actually said he has gotten more done in his first year than any other president. He slipped in that he taught constitutional law for 20 years. What? I’d like to hear from those students. Well…if reversing all that Trump got done, then maybe he’s right. But just getting something done does not mean it was good or helped us. It harmed us. So Biden’s version of what helps Americans is 180 degrees from what we want or need.

Lastly, Biden foreshadowed that the midterms would be rife with voter suppression if his “Right to Cheat” bill isn’t passed. Already questioning the results of an election prior to the election? Has he been getting advice from Cher? And I thought the covidcrats criticized us for questioning the results of the 2020 election. Amazing.

This guy needs to go. He’s tone death on what America wants or needs. Tone death.


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