Are we Creating a Generation of Entitled Savages?

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It’s the only name I can think of for marauding gangs that ambush freight cars stealing all the merchandize and scattering debris all over the train tracks. This is Old Wild West stuff. We’re going to need armed guards aboard these trains to arrest them whenever they get ambushed. And who’s shooting fast food clerks and babies in cars, pushing elderly into subways, killing furniture store clerks, whacking Asians, and stabbing nurses on their way to work? These aren’t petty crimes; these are random acts of savage violence.

One murder suspect was actually tracked down in New York City and perp-walked out of his home screaming obscenities about reparations promised him. He was foaming at the masked mouth. Have we gone too far in promising the lazies of this country money? Money for nothing? It appears so. The more you promise, the lazier and more entitled they become.

One news outlet labeled these entitled lazy youth “Idlers.” They are proud to live off others misfortune caused by them. They are proud to game the system by getting paid to NOT go to work. They are proud to be on the government dole while getting away with theft. They are proud to ambush a freight car and steal the contents leaving packages intended for others all over the tracks. We’ve created this generation of uncaring, slothful misfits, and it will only get worse under Biden. They see Biden lacking empathy for others and that begets the same. They don’t want to go to work! It’s a badge of honor not to.

Remember when Biden used to quote his parents saying, “A job is more than a paycheck, Joey. It’s about dignity and pride.” Well…a lot of good that speech has done. These Idlers don’t see the value in holding a job, just the value in breaking into a store or whacking an innocent person on the street. Something got lost in translation of Biden’s quote. And notice he no longer says it because actions speak louder than words. Biden’s actions of rewarding criminals, speak louder than his phony campaign speeches.

Biden administration rewards looters, cheaters, arsonists, burglars, drug addicts, counterfeiters, trespassers, home invaders, border crossers, drug dealers, ambushers, sex traffickers, rioters, and now murderers by putting them back on the street or awarding them reparations like they are planning to do with illegal aliens invading our border. They reward criminals and, therefore, make it look like crime does pay in the eyes of our youth. They incentivize lawlessness. They make it look cool to be a savage Idler.

We’ve even got the once harmless homeless attacking innocent bystanders for no reason. So wherever this savagery behavior is coming from, it has spread to the homeless. After all, we supply the homeless with free drugs, food, tents, checks, and now $350,000 high rise condos in L.A. Why would they want to work or behave within the law? We incentivize these savage Idlers whereby hardworking young people who would love to own a condo can’t, because they can’t afford it yet. They have to save up for that pesky down payment like the rest of us law abiding citizens have done for generations.

Surprisingly during Biden’s presser, there was not one question asked about the increasing crimewave occurring across the nation in our liberal-run cities. Not one. But over 30 questions about two other countries, Russia and Ukraine. What is it with these reporters that they are more concerned about Russia than what is going on in our own country right before our eyes? We are creating a generation of savages that do not value life and, therefore, will take one without a blink of an eye. We’ve seen it on tape. They kill and walk away then go into a convenience store to buy a soda like nothing has happened. Coldblooded murder it’s called.

When, and if, we can get a handle on these random acts of violence, nothing else matters in our country. Not covid, not masks, not foreign affairs, not CRT, not gas prices, and not empty shelves. Because if our children can’t leave our homes and walk or ride their bikes safely on a public street without getting shot, stabbed, or whacked by these heartless savages, then nothing else in politics matters.

Vote these uncaring, oblivious leaders out of office this November, please. Enough is enough.


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