Biden’s New Strategy: Make GOP the “Anti-Everything Party.”

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It dawned on me yesterday while scrolling through the radio stations in my car. I landed on a random Bay Area news station saying “Anti-Immigration Conservatives and Anti-vax Conservatives.” It pissed me off as they were saying it like it was an established fact. Which it is not. They are trying to label conservatives against immigration and vaccinations which we are not.

But this is Biden’s way of sending a dog whistle to the media that conservatives are against Asians, vaccinations, immigration, blacks voting, election reform, etc. etc. And it seems to be working. Just to be clear, we are for immigration but against migrants crossing the border illegally then being expected to vote in our elections which is the dirty little secret Biden is trying to hide.

This is why in his last controversial presser he kept rhetorically asking, “What are Republicans For?”. It looked stupid because we are FOR all the good things Biden is Not For, especially Law and Order, The Wall, Low Taxes, and Closed Borders. But you see, he wants to label us the “Anti-Everything Party” before the next election making it seem to the uninformed voter that the conservatives are against good things. We are anti-bad policies.

He has BLM attacking Asians in an attempt to put the blame on Trump supporters. Fake hate crimes. When a synagogue recently got held hostage by a Radical Islamic, the FBI tried to whitewash the hate/terror attack as unrelated to the Jewish as it didn’t fit their narrative that white supremacy is the biggest threat to America. They must think we’re stupid. Biden has weaponized his FBI and DOJ against conservatives, and we all should be vigilant. They are out to get us.

Parents in schools are afraid to speak out now about mandates and CRT for fear of being arrested. Cops in liberal cities are afraid to be called to a domestic disturbance or traffic stop for fear of being shot dead. Commuters are afraid to take the bus or the subway for fear of being killed or mugged. Shoppers are afraid to be caught in a store during a raid by looters. Air travelers are afraid to fly with disruptive passengers and covid positive migrants. Chaos is everywhere. Freight trains are afraid to stop in L.A. for fear of being ambushed by gangs of savages. And recently at a local pharmacy, they were robbed by two black youth in masks that jumped the gate and pushed around the pharmacist, stole medicines, and emptied all the registers even beating up one clerk putting her in the hospital. So you see, no one is safe not even in our local drugstore.

Hey Joe, get a grip on the increased crime wave. It is real, and you can’t blame Trump. It’s on your policies of defund the police, radical DAs, radical AG, and radical mayors and governors. Governor Newsom had a recent revelation, “California is looking like a third world country.” No shit Sherlock. Amazing how tone deaf these leaders are.

By the way, Republicans are For LAW and ORDER which has gone to the dogs under Biden’s leadership. He can’t suddenly pretend he’s for funding the police when he remained silent throughout the riots of 2020 and recommended that social services show up at a domestic disturbance.

Biden has also been on the wrong side of history in foreign affairs since the beginning of his political career. Don’t expect him to make the right decision with the Ukraine/Russia conflict as he is compromised with both countries. His best choice is to remain silent. But his weakness and his compromises are why Russia, China, and North Korea are all feeling powerful.

I blame the voters who voted for Biden and to this day will not admit they blew it.


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