Biden’s “Basket of Deplorables” Moment.

Photo by Ihsan Adityawarman on

Let’s be clear, Biden fully intended for his snide remark about FOX News reporter to be heard across the nation. It’s all part of his plan to discredit anyone working at FOX and those of us who follow FOX News. He wants the world to know that we are all “stupid son of a bitches.” And the tone in which he said it was clearly planned.

Dementia or no dementia Joe has been watching FOX and Newsmax (James Rosen) make him look like a fool nightly on their networks. He is at a boiling point much like a volcano and needed to let off some steam. He knew his mic was still on and didn’t care. Just like when he told Obama that Obamacare was a big efing deal. He is deliberate and intentional in his crude remarks. And when he said, “Well, son of a bitch they fired the prosecutor. Now I can give Ukraine the U.S. Aid money.” And they used to call Trump mean.

I can remember a day when Trump called countries “shithole countries” that didn’t respect America’s way of life yet sent their worst to America in our immigration program. Boy, was he ever right. But the media latched onto that comment and vilified him for five years. They called it racist. Watch the media make accuses for Biden’s cruel and condescending comment toward FOX as nothing more than ol’ Joe being funny. Besides they hate FOX too.

Joe just called us “deplorables” in his own way. He despises half of America that didn’t vote for him and probably watch FOX News. He has his bitchy Jen Psnarky treating FOX News much the same. She shows total disdain for FOX. Joe wanted to put Doocy in his place once and for all. Now Doocy will be fearful of asking anything as he seems to have respect and dignity which Biden is always ballyhooing about. Biden, on the other hand, does not practice what he preaches. His comment was conduct unbecoming of a president, especially one that promised to “fire anyone who makes a cruel remark about another.” Maybe he should fire himself.

He did, however, send a dog whistle to anyone that opposes him: “they are stupid, sons of bitches.” Ironically, the stupidest president in modern history is calling half of America “stupid.” Kettle black much, Biden? You can’t make this stuff up.



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