Crime Hits Sleepy Suburbs of California.

Photo by David McBee on

While my son and his new bride slept, three punks broke into their newly upgraded garage mancave and stole all his sports memorabilia, tools, and computers. This was in a quiet suburb of San Francisco. Not a crime-ridden area at all. But these thugs have branched out to the tree-lined streets of the suburbs.

My son is too trusting and thinks people are genuinely good. He doesn’t know what I know or have seen. These gangs aren’t your gangs of former years that congregated in big cities. Now they drive cars and go into quiet neighborhoods to do their dirty deeds. Thank God they didn’t enter the house while my son and family were asleep.

My family has never owned guns or had security systems installed. We’ve always been vigilant as far as locking up at night and not leaving newspapers pile up on the driveway when not home. But that’s not enough anymore. We need watchdogs, security cameras, and motion detectors installed. These punks can get into any store, building, or house as there are no repercussions if caught. Thanks to Newsom, who thinks his state is looking like a third world country. He’s right.

When you allow migrants to enter our country from third world countries, what do you expect? When you catch and release punks without bail, what do you expect? When you give handouts to illegals and homeless and ignore the middleclass, what do you expect? When you pay people to not go to work, what do you expect? Idol hands are a devil’s workshop. When you defund the police, what do you expect? This is no brainer stuff.

Our neighborhoods have had cars broken into during the day and ransacked for valuables and sometimes stolen for catalectic converters, whatever those are. In San Francisco, it has gotten so bad that car owners leave their windows down so they don’t get shattered by these punks. These punks are brazen, well organized, and embolden. They case the houses during the day, have getaway cars, and get in and out in short order.

I can assure you my son and wife are thinking of moving out of California about now. They can get more bang for their buck in another state and maybe live longer. I can only imagine what they are talking about. Thanks to Newsom and Biden and their liberal policies no one is safe any longer–not while driving, eating out, shopping, and now sleeping.

Danger is right around the corner in these liberal states. Biden has let over a million illegal migrants enter our country with ICE shipping them to a city near you turning every state into a border state. When the property values start to drop like it has in New York, maybe the elites will wake up and do something about the crime wave. Hit them in the pocketbook. Until then, we either move, live in fear, or turn our homes in fortresses.

California is not what it used to be. Even Beverly Hills has home invasions now.


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