Biden’s Failures Get Smokescreened by SCOTUS Retirement.


This retirement of a liberal Justice Breyer didn’t need to be announced at this time; but the Dems needed to change the narrative away from Biden’s failed presidency so, why not? We don’t care who Biden chooses to replace a liberal justice. It can be a woman, man, transgender woman of color, it doesn’t matter.

We already had the first black justice so that card has been played. Obama chose a Hispanic woman so the “woman of color” has been played. I think he also chose a LBGT gal so can’t do that. There’s no historic news here. Genders, race, or sexual preference should not even be a criteria. It wasn’t for Trump. All Biden ever chooses are radicals. though. He can choose Michelle for all we care.

It’s the timing that is suspicious. The dems see the writing on the wall that we will take over the House and Senate so why not slip in another biased activist liberal onto the court? Sotomayor certainly has proven herself to be a partisan hack repeating nonsense much like heard on MSNBC. We can’t ever trust her opinion. And likewise we will never trust an opinion from anyone Biden chooses.

So let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programing of Biden’s failures: Russia/Ukraine conflict, partisan and draconian covid remedies, Afghanistan, China dominance, choice for VP, transportation secretary Bootigeig, border control, migrant infiltration, loss of energy independence, crimewave, School Board overreach, and his cognitive decline. His pick for SCOTUS is not only uninteresting, but irrelevant. He could pick Barack himself in a dress for all we care.

But seriously, nice try media. But we’re are onto you. We know how you cover for this guy. Any smokescreen you can use to get the news off of Biden, you’ll try.

Joe whispering to a female reporter.

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