Stifling Conservative Speak.

Human reactions to muzzles | The Muzzle Up! Project

We’ve all been witnesses for the past five years or so to an increasing attempt to muzzle conservative speak. Now that Biden is running the show (so to speak), it has gotten even worse. First they started banning conservatives off of Twitter like President Trump. Facebook does the same in the name of stopping “disinformation.” We all remember how they banned any posts regarding the shady dealings of Hunter Biden with the “big guy” before the last election. Google also buries any negative searches on a Democrat (Benghazi) but places false stories about conservatives front and center i.e. Russia Collusion hoax, fake dossier, January 6th set up.

We also remember how they have crucified anyone who spoke of the 2020 election fraud, labeling it “The Big Lie”. We all know how they have ridiculed FOX News for twenty years, labeling them “Faux News.” Well… Trump labeled main stream media Fake News and that stuck. But this brings me to the reason for writing on this subject.

I heard that a cast member of Housewives of Salt Lake City got kicked off the show when the producers became aware of her political views. This housewife was giving her conservative view of the border calamity and other failures by this administration much like any conservative does, but the producers decided it was not a reflection of the way Bravo thinks so she had to be let go. They even presumptuously apologized to the viewers for choosing her. Whoa. Who gave Bravo the mantle of knowing what’s best for the viewers? Makes me sick.

This has gone too far. We don’t care what these housewives’ political views are; in fact, we assume they are all dingy libs by their shallow values. But to kick one off the show for actually having a brain with common sense thoughts that we all are thinking is beyond the pale. But this is what we have come to.

The progressive left is running the show and trying to control our thoughts and our speak now. If we think, write, or say something they don’t like, we are cancelled and given a metaphorical scarlet letter of shame. This is not the America I know. This sounds more like communism which we all learned about in school. At least, it used to be taught. Now it may be revered.

Rand Paul has been vilified for disagreeing with Dr. Fauci. Rand Paul makes more sense than Fauci and has evidence to back his position, but that is overlooked because Paul is a Republican. That alone, means he cannot be believed under this administration’s rule. They treat us like juvenile delinquents that cannot be heard from. I think if they had their way they’d lock us all up in concentration camps renamed “conservative camps.”

Now we find that this administration, that promised to be transparent, has been surreptitiously flying unvaccinated, untested illegals in the dead of night to cities across America. They are hiding them so they can boost the voter polls with millions of illegal voters in the next election. Thus why they are not requiring Voter ID to be part of their phony new “Right to Cheat” bill. Without Voter ID, anyone can vote and can vote numerous times. We cannot allow this to happen. But this is their plan. Also thus why they have no intention of closing our borders or building the wall and enforcing immigration laws. It’s all intentional.

This progressive left party that has taken over the Democrat Party is the most devious, sneaky, lawless group of louses I’ve ever seen. And the ones who support them like Whoopie and other celebrities need their heads examined. At least we have Bill Maher speaking his mind and the left has not cancelled him yet. Why is that? Because secretly some in the left are feeling and seeing what we all are witnessing and are happy to have Bill Maher speak on their behalf, as they are a bunch of compliant sheep. Can Bill Maher save America from the progressive takeover?

If anyone watches the Housewives of SLC, tune out in protest of Bravo’s stifling conservative speak. See how they like being cancelled. Taste of their own medicine? They deserve it.


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