Okay for the Left to Voice Their Opinions but not the Right?

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

Seems like every celebrity that is against vaccine mandates gets cancelled, but those that are for them do not. Why is that? Do they want us all to think alike and be the same asexual gender? Do they want us to behave like sheep that just get in line to whatever they want in the name of science which changes daily? Do they want to abolish Freedom of Speech? Seems like it.

Every time I turn on the news another anti-vaccine mandate notable is being cancelled and made to look a fool by those on the left, the likes of Whoopie, LeBron, Midler, Cher, Behar, AOC, Lemon, Trudeau, etc., etc. I thought Biden promised to be the kinder, gentler leader, but he and his allies are meaner and harder than the Right has ever been toward the Left. They are just nasty people. Why is that?

I think Trump pointed out the reason last night in his huge Texas rally, “No one knows more about the stolen election than the Democrats. Because they were behind it.” They know all the details and planning that went into it. Courts have recently ruled that Drop Boxes are illegal as they are nothing more than Ballot Harvesting which is illegal in every state. With that ruling alone, Trump wins in all the states that turned in the dead of night. Those boxes suspiciously contained 90% Biden votes in them.

So the left is nasty because they know what they did. Is it guilt? No, they have no remorse. So what is it making them so nasty? It must be arrogance and pomposity that we’d even question their honesty. They are outraged by Trump’s accusation of voter fraud. How dare him!? We are beyond reproach!

Trump also said that everyone knows they cheated even the Supreme Court, but they are afraid. Afraid to put the country in turmoil as we’ve never had such widespread, orchestrated voter fraud occur before. It would become a constitutional crisis. An embarrassment to our country. I think a constitutional crisis is better than than where we’re heading–into a war with several countries like Russia, Iran, China. Trump said we were no where even close to a war with these countries while he was president. Not even close.

Trump also said that getting back into the Paris Climate Accord has raised our gasoline taxes to help pay for climate change for other countries like China. Also cancelling the Keystone pipeline, fracking, coal mining, and drilling has made us dependent on Russia for oil. Yet Biden approved a pipeline from Russia to Germany making Russia more prosperous. Who is really beholden to Russia? Looks like Biden is.

During Trump’s speech last night he promised to pardon all the rally goers held prisoner without charges from Capitol riot and to reinstate with backpay all employees fired for not being vaccinated. He also promised to finish the wall and hire enough border agents to keep our border closed to foreign invaders. He also promised to become energy independent again and all that that entails. He promised to pass a law requiring Voter ID and signature verification which is the opposite to what Biden’s phony Voter Rights Bill says. He promised to prosecute the Biden family crime syndicate and put an end to their years of pay for play. And lastly, he promised to end all CRT being taught in schools and no more men competing in women’s sports. He said, “Covid is over. We are over it.”

It sounded like a Utopia compared to what we are experiencing right now. But it was nothing more than what we had while Trump was president: Law and Order, Respect for Police, Freedom of Speech, Gun Rights, Low Taxes, End to endless wars, Energy Independence, Freedom of Choice for vaccines and masks, end to talk of racism and white supremacy. A Utopia.

Simple solutions to all our problems but Biden will ignore them because he is a chaos president. He thrives on chaos as do the Democrats. Their mantra, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” So Biden is causing crises all over the country that they can use for their Socialist Agenda. Wherever he goes, a crisis will follow like yesterday in Pennsylvania for the Build Back Better Bill, a bridge collapsed when he arrived. Coincidence? You decide.

Beware of Soros putting 100 million $$$ into the midterm elections. Beware. Money buys a lot of illegal behavior. But not to worry, Joe and Jill got another pet…a tabby cat. They are a pet family, the media gushed. Kitty cats, ice cream cones, and what’s next…playing Scrabble at night? Give me a break. All diversions from reality. And rest assured, Jill will not be cleaning the kitty litter box. She’s a doctor not a veterinarian!


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