Blue States Slowly Lifting Mask Mandates.

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Hmmm, I wonder why? Was it a change in science? Was it a drop in positive covid cases? Was it orders from their leader, Biden? Was it something Fauci said? Was it the children finally protesting in schools? Was it parents complaining at school board meetings? Was it looking at the Red State results? Was it the Canadian Truckers? Or was it these states finally realizing that their irrational mandates on the public and children in schools may hurt them in the polls come November? I think it was the latter.

When they saw that liberals like Bill Maher are mocking them and ones that support them like Whoopi are getting suspended, they finally decided this could hurt them come November. Duh! So the masks were nothing more than political all along and never about health and safety. And were also what we knew all along but were shunned for voicing it. This proves it.

Red States have done much better without all the mandates and the Blue States are left looking like fools. But too little, too late. America is onto them. They just wanted to control the people and make them behave like sheep so they could steal another election with mail in ballots and drop boxes! It worked in many areas, people aimlessly walking around with masks looking like zombies. It’s a joke. When will the grocery stores lift this needless requirement to enter their store? I haven’t stepped inside a grocery store this year due to the endless mask zombies walking around. It sickens me.

I, for one, am sick of turning on the news and hearing about masks and vaccines. I’m also sick of hearing about the border invasion. I’m also sick of hearing about Russia. I’m also sick of hearing about cops getting shot by repeat criminals. I’m sick of hearing about politicians posing in pictures without a mask. So what? We already know they’re hypocrites and only wear it for photo ops. This isn’t news. I’m sick of hearing about the fake January 6th committee and comparing it to 9-11 or the civil war. The feigned outrage by the media is getting old because this Authoritarian Administration doesn’t do a thing to change it. They are even against lifting the mask mandates.

Can we just get on with the real news that affects our daily lives like the cost of gas, food, and products, our increasing deficit and taxes, the cost and shortage of vehicles, safety in our streets, indoctrination in schools of our children, spending and printing money we don’t have? These are important issues being overshadowed by the other nonsense that are out of our control that they report in the news.

Do the Democrats and media ever tire of being on the wrong side of history? Do they ever admit it? No.


2 thoughts on “Blue States Slowly Lifting Mask Mandates.

  1. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise that the Democrats were knee deep in creating the Covid-19 virus. Nobody will ever convince me the release of the virus was an accident. In my opinion, we just lived through 2 1/2 years of an attempted takeover of the free world. It’s not over yet, there is growing resistance, and it is beginning to spook the left a little, so they are loosening their death grip. But beware the future. Victor Davis Hanson said “don’t think the left is going to give up the gains they made in controlling the elections”. I totally agree. We are not out of the woods yet by any means. The Constitution is hanging by a thread right now.


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