Out of the Mouths of Babes.

What do these children know that we also knew all along? That the masks were unhealthy and were stunting the mental and social growth of these children.

They say children can be wise beyond their years and sometimes point out things that adults fail to notice like, “Gee, grandma, what is that red spot on your face?” All these children did was collectively rejoice in the lifting of a mandate that should never have been deployed in the first place. It was inhumane, cruel, and bordering on child abuse, erroneously imposed in the guise of health and safety. Notice not one child held back their joy because they are smarter than their school board.

How is it that these five year olds are smarter than the leader of our country? How is it that truckers are smarter than the leader of Canada? This is a concern that should worry all of us. We are being led by incompetent, political hacks that base all their decisions on how it will affect their next election. And how do former leaders of our country become multimillionaires once they leave office, like Obama who is building his fifth mansion? I mean, wasn’t Cape Cod on the seashore enough for this selfish man?

Obama was poorer than a church mouse before he gained popularity. He was driving around in an old Volkswagen Bug with the floorboard rusted through to the pavement below. He thought we had 57 states. He mispronounced corpsmen over and over. He had no skills to even remove a curtain from its brackets, i. e. he had no life skills. Yet he pawned off lyin’ Biden on us and we’ve been suffering ever since. No one knows this about him. Michelle was ready to divorce him. Did they really have two daughters or were they just props to run for president? Word’s still out on that. No ex president should ever become a multimillionaire after leaving office.

Obama is behind all the mandates of vaccines and masks and always was. He wants to control the people or punish the people, not sure which. He always had an axe to grind against white people and still does. The way Biden treats America is the way Obama feels about America. It owes him! And no government employee or elected official should be made a multimillionaire while holding any position (Fauci and Pelosi.) Something is up.

So as we are sending soldiers to war in Ukraine, calling Freedom Truckers in Canada racist, leaving Afghanistan in shame, breaking the constitution by ignoring an invasion at our southern border, paying the homeless to stay homeless and drug addicted, letting criminals out of jail, paying more for everything, and harming our children with masks and racist teachings, Obama builds his fifth mansion and Biden dribbles food down his chin while eating.

Shouldn’t Obama be giving back some of his ill gained wealth to a program that helps children in Chicago to get off the streets and out of gangs? Yes, but he doesn’t care. He only cares about himself. He’s also a self-loathing half-African, half-white man.

I’m hoping the wisdom of these children, who knew in their hearts they were being mistreated, is a sign of things to come. People need to stand up to the authoritarian rule of Biden and Obama. One school at a time. One company at a time. One hospital at a time. One trucker at a time. One shopper at a time. One parent at a time, until the word spreads that we were duped by this president and a former president, Obama. And George W. Bush ain’t much better. His opinions on January 6th are outrageous. His hate for Trump obviously outweighs his love for our country. Shame on him.


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