Lets’ Clear Up a Few More Lies the White House is Sticking to.

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Jen Psaki, Biden’s Press Secretary, is growing increasingly agitated whenever the press core asks a legitimate question regarding Biden’s leadership especially pertaining to foreign affairs which he seems to suck at. She answers them angrily and untruthfully. Let’s clear up a few of her lies she’s stuck on.

In no particular order:

  1. Biden didn’t end a 20-year war in Afghanistan. He cowardly cut and ran leaving the Taliban to takeover the country. Our withdrawal was poorly executed and timed to be close to the anniversary of 9-11 for political reasons. Trump was planning to leave in March and would never have allowed the Taliban to gain control of every region and airport prior to the withdrawal. Biden ignored the spread of the Taliban but just waited for the moment to be close to 9-11 then ordered the troops out leaving innocent allies and Americans behind enemy lines. That is not considered ending a 20-year war. It’s considered losing the war by cut and running away from the enemy leaving behind billions of $$$$ of our weaponry and aircraft. A complete and utter failure of this administration and punishable by impeachment.
  2. There now is evidence lawyers paid tech specialists, including university personnel to infiltrate Trump servers. Lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower, and later the White House, in order to establish an “inference” and “narrative” to bring to government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia, a filing from Special Counsel John Durham says. NWO Report. This crime is punishable by jail time. Much worse than the Watergate break in during the Nixon campaign and put our nation in a three-year, unnecessary and costly investigation into Russia Collusion headed by Mueller. Heads should be rolling.
  3. An anti-Trump writer has come up with some cockamamie story against Trump that he flushed down important documents in his toilet in the White House causing the toilet to overflow. How in the world she came up with this story is beyond the pale but just that fact that it involves a toilet means it stinks to high heaven. Her book and everything related to her should be canceled. But this also proves the Democrats are getting desperate when they have to go back to the same old well: Trump. Biden’s reputation is sinking faster than a stone in a well so why not have another go at Trump? This has shades of Christine Balsey Ford written all over it.
  4. Biden insists that the highest inflation since 1982 is caused by covid. Computer chips which are delayed due to covid has caused a decrease in the production of vehicles which has raised the price of vehicles thus causing the increased inflation. Big lie. The canceling of pipelines, drilling, and fossil fuel in our country together with reentering into the pricey Paris Climate Accord Agreement is the reason gas prices have soared which has caused an increase in the price of everything on the shelves in stores. Also pumping money into the economy, paying people to sit home, approving a Russia pipeline to Germany, raising the deficit, has also caused inflation to soar. Biden and Psaki can continue to blame covid, but they are lying.
  5. And lastly, Biden has broken his Oath of Office to protect America from foreign invaders by inviting foreign invaders to cross over our southern border and ordering ICE and Border Agents to assist in their invasion across our country illegally in the dead of night. This crime is punishable by impeachment. So as Psaki and Biden continue to blame “poverty, inhumane treatment, and climate change” in other countries as the reason they are pouring over our borders, we know better. It is just to increase the Democrat voter rolls.

Nothing this administration tells us is truthful. Just get used to it until we can send them packing this November. They lie like rugs and stick to the lies like glue from a glue gun. We can expect almost anything from now on coming out of their mouths as they are desperate to change the tide back in their favor. They’ve been wrong about everything from vaccines to masks to racism to crime to Ukraine to defunding the police to Jan 6th and to the economy. Expect one false story after another coming out of this failed White House or the fake news media and big tech. They will stop at nothing to stay in power. Nothing.


One thought on “Lets’ Clear Up a Few More Lies the White House is Sticking to.

  1. When it comes to Democrats and lying, nobody does it better. Unfortunately for the Democrats, when their actions and lies start inflicting pain in the wallet, people pay much closer attention. Now it’s personal.

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