It Took 5 Years For the Truth About Hillary to be Exposed;

Russiagate Evidence Builds: What Did Clinton Know and When Did She Know It? - featured image
Appeals court nixes Hillary Clinton deposition on emails- POLITICO

how many more years before the truth behind Biden’s treason, the stolen election, the Wuhan Lab, and the FBI’s involvement in January 6th are finally exposed?

You see, Trump was telling the truth all along. He told the truth about having his campaign spied upon to 60 Minutes and they arrogantly dismissed it as hogwash. He also told the truth about Biden being up to his eyeballs in corruption with his son involving selling access to the VP while Obama was president during a presidential debate, and Chris Wallace arrogantly shut him down.

Trump also told the truth about the 2020 election being stolen by the Democrats and many courts and the media labeled it “The Big Lie.” He also told the truth about the Wuhan Lab unleashing a China Virus on the world and covering it up. No one wants to touch that story either. How many more years before the truth comes out about this? And watch, main stream media will bury the story of Hillary’s hacking Trump’s server. Wait for it.

And, lastly, he was telling the truth about January 6th riot; that he never planned for the rally to go awry and end up with agitators climbing walls, breaking windows, and trespassing. Never wanted that and never condoned it. BUT the FBI was there undercover and actually encouraged the bad behavior even inciting it while in progress.

We need Durham to look into Biden, the election fraud, Wuhan Lab, and Chris Wray now that Hillary has been exposed for all her lies and laws she has broken. Or do they only go after Republican politicians like Nixon that break the law? Imagine her thinking she can make another run at the presidency. She must have delusions of grandeur. When will Bill commit her? When will she be indicted? Maybe her cell can have a glass ceiling.

Problem is she got away scot-free with disposing of subpoenaed evidence once and figured she was untouchable, so why not plant incriminating evidence into Trump’s computer server during the campaign? Why not? She was an expert at this after all. She knew who to call and who to pay for the dossier, the server hacking, and disposal of her cell phones and bleach bit of her hard drive. Our government was so stupid before, they’ll never figure this one out, she thought. She was untouchable for a long while. But maybe now, just maybe, our FBI and CIA will finally be exposed for all the lies and corruption they have been involved in starting with Chris Wray, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and Mueller. All in cahoots.

While were at it: Who killed Seth Rich and Jeff Epstein? Let’s get to the bottom of all Hillary’s escapades and Bill’s sexcapades. And what did Obama mean when he said, “We’ve done everything by the book” after Trump won the election in 2016? That needs to be looked into. Sounds a lot like an admission of guilt to me. He may have been behind Hillary’s hacking of Trump’s server. He wanted Hillary to win, didn’t he?

Ask yourself, “who had the most to gain by a Hillary win?” Obama and his legacy, of course. And thus why we mysteriously ended up with Biden four years later, who has essentially restored Obama’s legacy in short order. Coincidence? You do the math. Let’s not wait another five years for the truth to come out.


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