Biden Has a Dark Side.

This recent story told by Biden says all about his character that we need to know. It shows that he’s always been vindictive, lacks empathy, cruel to animals, immature, superiority complex, and has had a disdain for women and Republicans from a young age.

Seriously, how in the world does anyone pick up a dead animal and place it on a woman’s doorstep? This would be the act of a teenage prankster, not a man holding an elected office. He would be fired the second the lady called the city council and reported it. So either old Joe is spinning another sick yarn about his past or has gotten away with sick behavior his whole public service life.

And why is his audience laughing at this story? Who are the sick people in his audience? They think treating a rude woman that showed disrespect to an official with worse disrespect is acceptable behavior? As a former government employee that dealt with the public daily, we’d never be allowed to treat the public in such a manner. They were our customers and the “customer was always right” no matter how rude they behaved. Joe’s response to this lady’s call is behavior unbecoming of a president. It’s akin to putting a bag of dog do in someone’s mailbox, only much worse.

I’m appalled by this story, if it is true; and even more appalled that Biden would consider this a flattering story in his favor, if it is not true. The guy is clearly one fry short of a Happy Meal.


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