Hillary Takes a Page From Her Old Playbook.

Whiteboard of Hillary’s playbook choices left.

It’s Trump and FOX in collusion to deflect from his own scandal,” she cries. We all remember when she infamously said Bill’s sex scandal was just a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy at play. Give me a break. Any news outlet that believes one word coming out of this woman’s mouth should have their heads examined if not already from all the scandals they are involved in (CNN). She is a lifetime con artist. She is up to her eyeballs in corruption beginning with Benghazi. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” And she can’t get out of the web this time.

I won’t go into the list of the scandals with her name on them. Too numerous to list. She should have been indicted long ago for disposing (or as she calls it wiping it with a cloth) of her hard drive in her computer after her emails were subpoenaed by the FBI. But the FBI gave her a pass. Why? Because they thought she was a better choice for president than Trump. Why? Because she’s a Democrat and knows where all the bodies are buried (or at least who killed them).

So to reinforce her win, she conspired to spy on the Trump campaign and, thereafter, his presidency with the help of many insiders (deep state). But, alas, they couldn’t find anything so they planted some false Russia stuff to initiate a special counsel, Mueller, (Comey’s lifelong friend) to investigate. See how incestual they are? They knew all along that it was just a smokescreen requested by Hillary to get the heat off of her. All along. America got duped to the tune of 30 million $$$$. Trump knew that his wires were tapped as he put it, but the media pooh-poohed him. They call it an Electronic Watergate now. Trump was right all along.

There are so many bad characters within the Deep State Swamp, they needed Hillary to keep their secrets. They are so incestual. Comey’s wife and daughters campaigned for Hillary. You do the math. Once Comey said while under oath during a senate hearing, “All I really care about is my family.” It was code for he let Hillary go to please his wife; otherwise, he’d be sleeping on the couch. So he put his family, i.e. his wife, over our country. Nice guy. Now look where we’re at.

Hillary can say Trump is in cahoots with FOX just like she said Trump was in cahoots with Russia and late night hosts can say the whole story is debunked just like they said Hunter’s laptop was Russia disinformation until the cows come home. It’s her only play left in her worn out old playbook. Except we’ve heard it before. No one will listen this time, except for a few brainless late night hosts. Her goose is cooked. I just hope they can find her a nice orange pant suit.

cooked goose.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Takes a Page From Her Old Playbook.

  1. Don’t count on “crooked Hillary” doing any time in the slammer. A lot of stuff went down but you won’t find her fingerprints on anything. All the dirty work was done by her minions. She has skirted the law for years, I’m not looking for any big changes. Also, remember, she’s a Democrat. All those folks that were jailed for Watergate were Republicans. Same but different.


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