The Women’s Movement is Dead.

Secretarial Pool

Women’s Liberation began in the 70s and was stronger then than it is today. It spawned NOW, the National Organization for Women, which used to be for the advancement of women in the workplace out of traditional women jobs like telephone operators, secretaries, and salesgirls. It was helpful back then.

Women of today have gotten weak. They’ve allowed transgenders to basically hijack their sports, setting women’s advancement in sports back four decades. We had Martina Navratilova, Billy Jean King, and Chrissy Evert leading the women’s movement in sports back in the 70s. Who do we have now supporting women’s sports? No one I see has come out against men taking over swimming. We are weaker than I’ve ever seen. If the women don’t stand up to this hijacking of swimming, it will lead to other sports like golf and tennis.

We have women being cancelled from tv shows like Roseanne Barr for speaking the truth, and the women’s movement remains silent. We had a woman claim sexual harassment by our current president, and the women’s movement remained silent. The way they treated Sarah Palin would never have happened in the 70s. Sarah would have been revered in the 70s: mother, city council woman to governor of Alaska and hunter, totally revered. But the left tore her apart because she was conservative, and the women’s movement remained silent.

The women’s movement of the 70s would not have allowed it. But it seems the women’s movement of today is only there for liberal women, not conservative women, and now they’re for transgenders over straight liberal women. So there’s a pecking order:

1. Transgenders

2. Liberal Black women

3. Liberal Gay women

4. Liberal straight women

5. Liberal Asian or Hispanic women

6. Conservative women need not apply.

It was never like this in the past. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said out loud, “Where’s the women’s movement?” No where to be found. They might as well have never even been established from what I see today.

I’m proud to say I have benefitted from the women’s movement back in the 70s–affirmative action for women in predominately held male jobs. I was proud to be the “token woman” in many jobs and broke more glass ceilings for women than Hillary ever has. I thank them for progressing the women’s movement back then; but today, I see nothing to thank them for. They dropped the ball when they got political and divided women up by party. Political persuasion should have nothing to do with women succeeding, but it does now.

For example, when Gabby Gifford got shot by one of her Democrat nut jobs, the media immediately and falsely blamed Sarah Palin; and the women’s movement was no where to be found. Recently, a savvy woman got kicked out of a school board meeting because she voiced her opposition to masks on children, and the women’s movement was no where to be found. Back in the Clinton days, Paula Jones, political volunteer, was called trailer trash by the liberal pundits, and the women’s movement was no where to be found. They even dismissed college intern Monica Lewinsky’s and Broderick’s sexual harassment. Why? Because liberal men in power trump liberal women working under them. The women’s movement is dead. “We’ve come a long way, baby!” Not!

The #metoo movement was a farce. It was only formed to alleviate liberal actresses and politicians from their guilt of sleeping their way to the top of their careers. There must be a whole lot of guilt out there. It had nothing to do with any other professions, although it did take down only one politician and a few news anchors. Now it has conspicuously disappeared. However, it never touched Bill Clinton. Amazing.

And let’s get something else clear. “Cheating to win” as VP Kamala did, only set the women’s movement back two decades as she is clearly not up for the job. Big disgrace to women which the women’s movement has, yet again, been silent about. They do, however, protect her and call criticism of her racist, misogynist, or sexist, their three favorite words. . Amazing how this works. But if Kamala was Trump’s VP, they’d be screaming from the rooftops at how inept she is. They are definitely covering for Kamala. The women’s movement or National Organization for Women (NOW) is dead and should be renamed: The National Organization for Liberal Women and Transgenders (NOLWAT).

They do nothing to help conservative women become more successful these days. In fact, if they find one is conservative and successful on her own; they will look for ways to lure them in, then disgrace them like they did to Megyn Kelly. “On Kelly’s watch, ratings the 9 a.m. hour of “Today” shed 400,000 viewers, or 13 percent of its audience, compared to when the show was previously hosted by Al Roker and Tamron Hall. Even more disconcerting for the network’s most valuable franchise, her numbers were down 25 percent with viewers aged 25-54, the traditional demographic for TV news.” USA Today. Kelly fell for the 20 million $$$$$ lure and paid the price of her reputation after that.

So you see, the Women’s Movement is Dead. They are not “FOR Women”, they are only “FOR Liberalism” and all that that entails. And for a more detailed summary of the truth behind feminism read blog The Evolution of Women’s Movement Explained.


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