Biden Appears Giddy During Ukraine Presser.

His affect is totally off. What in the world is he thinking behind all these changes in expression? No one knows, really. The guy contradicts himself in the same presser. First he says he will impose more strict sanctions on Russia, then he says sanctions were never intended to stop Putin. Stupid talk.

Maybe he’s smiling because he heard that Hillary is coming to his rescue by blaming Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Trump and his supporters. Way to go, Hillary. Back to your old playbook of Russia collusion much? I’ve never been more disgusted by a woman in my life as this egomanical loser. When the country should be coming together over this unprovoked war with Ukraine by Russia, she lays the blame out on Trump who kept us safe for four years with not one threat from another country. He eradicated ISIS, calmed North Korea, tariffed China, made peace in the Middle East, and kept the lid on Iran and Russia. Now look where we’re at.

Trump even negotiated peace in the Middle East which the media mocked. In fact, Obama told Trump that North Korea was our biggest threat and Trump put the kibosh on that in no time. It’s called “Peace through strength,” Hillary. Learn about it. She is trying to conjure up her old “Trump colluded with Russia” hoax. Nice try, Hillary, but we ain’t buying it a second time. No one is.

Trump never smiled during a crisis like Biden is doing. He must think he’s having a photo op. This has shades of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane dancing on the beach holding ice cream cones smiling for her invisible fans. Maybe that’s what Biden is doing sans the ice cream cones. Sure appears that way. He’s in the limelight and has gotten the subject off of all his failures. He’s relishing in all the attention taken off inflation. He actually encouraged Putin to go to war with Ukraine by his lack of interest and weakness. And now here we are.

Baby Jane on the beach.

I’ve been watching his behavior now for two years, and it is getting worse. When will the Democrats wake up and invoke the 25th Amendment on him? We’ll deal with Kammie. At least we know she has her faculties about her and not ready for A Place for Mom. We are teetering on going to war to help Ukraine now and don’t want this guy in charge. As I’ve written before, this guy couldn’t run a 7-11 Store, and we have him in charge of our country? We need someone like Ron DeSantis running our country right now. Although I loved Trump, he stepped into a trap set by Pelosi on January 6th, and we can’t take that chance again.

Americans in Ukraine will not be getting the help from the U.S. Embassy. They are on their own to get out of the country by land, not air. Volunteers have come in to help them escape. This has Biden’s fingerprints all over it like he did in Afghanistan. Get rid of this guy. He’s heartless as well as brainless, yet appears giddy.


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