Trump Kept us Safe for Four Years!

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He eradicated ISIS, calmed North Korea, tariffed the shit out of China, put the lid on Russia and Iran, closed our borders to illegals, made NATO countries pay up, and ushered peace in the Middle East. That’s leadership. The 38% of those who think Putin would have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president all need their heads examined. Seriously, you’re not that up to speed. It’s called Peace through Strength unlike Biden’s weakening of our military with diversity, equity, vaccine mandates, transgender issues, and knitting lessons. ;>)

Basement Biden is the weakest president in modern day history topping Carter. He cancelled our energy independence and exports on day one, and made us and Europe dependent on our adversaries for oil. What a stupid move that was. Now look where we’re at. Biden running our country is like the substitute teacher in a high school classroom with the students out of control. The students in this analogy are our adversaries and the classroom is the world. When the United States is weak, the world suffers. When our enemies saw what Biden did in Afghanistan, it gave them the green light.

When the price of oil goes over $100 a barrel, Putin invades a country. He has done it twice before with Georgia and Crimea. In essence, when we cancelled all our drilling, pipelines, and fracking projects in the U.S., we basically made Putin rich enough to fund his next invasion. He is power hungry and raking in the dough from Europe and the U.S. How stupid can we be?

When Biden said during the campaign, “Putin does not want me to be president. He fears me,” that is laughable right now. Whoever believed that, needs their heads examined. Biden is actually beholden to Putin as his son took three million $$$$ from the mayor of Moscow. We never got to the bottom of that transaction as Chris Wallace shut that down during a debate with Biden. Good riddance to Chris Wallace. And I’m sure Putin knows and is holding it over Biden.

Can you imagine if Trump was allowed to pursue that dialog during the debate, the whole world could be different right now? Can you imagine if Zuckerberg hadn’t interfered with our election by banning the news of Hunter’s laptop and supplying our swing states with drop boxes for ballots, the whole world could be different right now? It goes to show you how powerful the corrupt media is. If they’d been honest (which is an oxymoron); Trump would be president, and we’d be living in a safer world.

Now our world is in danger, as Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons. The apathy of the media and Democrats toward this threat and the loss of innocent lives in Ukraine is baffling to me. They’d rather talk about climate change, racism, or covid (John Kerry.) It’s unseemly. Our country is being run by evil imbeciles. They’re more afraid of global warming than a nuclear war! I can assure you, a nuclear war will warm the globe and kill off more population than climate change or covid ever could.

Let’s pray that Ukraine does not surrender to Putin and that we cut off the funding to this war by reenacting Trump’s energy policies. Green new deal be damned. When Putin runs low on funds, he’ll settle down. This small war could escalate involving China, Iran, and North Korea if we aren’t careful. And Biden ain’t smart and neither are his cabinet members. The GOP needs to step in somehow and take the helm away from the substitute teacher before we get attacked by Russia.

And let’s not cave to Biden’s radical supreme court pick. Prayers for Ukraine.


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