How AOC Has Made America Unsafe.

AOC’s Influence on Biden.

Ever since this thirty-year-old radical bartender appeared on the scene with her highfaluting attitude and crazy ideas on how to save the planet otherwise we’ll all die in twelve years, the left fell for it including Biden who ran on it; and now they have opened us up to a potential war with Russia. I blame Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for all of this.

She lied, and people may die. She lied, and people jumped on her bandwagon, especially the millennials. She even lied about January 6th claiming she was chased into a bathroom by Trumpers or some other nonsense. How could the left be so dumb as to believe in the green new deal which she made up on the fly? She is nothing more than the female version of Al Gore who fudged footage in his movie The Inconvenient Truth or John Kerry who rides on a private jet and complains about air pollution–only worse.

The green new deal was unsustainable from the get go. It was impractical from the get go. It was infeasible from the get go. And it was dead in the water from the get go. But Biden fell hook, line, and sinker for it as he needed voters. He couldn’t rely on just the Black vote as many had moved to Trump. He cancelled fossil fuel, oil drilling, and coal mining as much as he could and promised charging stations for electric cars across America. Which, ironically, are unable to be manufactured due to shortage of computer chips.

It was a lofty, irrational plan. No one would want to stop a long distance drive to plug their auto into a charger for energy. Would the truckers’ big rigs run on batteries? No. Would China clean up the air in their country? No. So what’s the point? Where does he think electricity comes from to heat our homes and charge these cars he wants us to buy? Another hairbrained, ill-conceived plan. For Biden, it was just a way to garner a whole population of leftist voters. For AOC, it was a way to make herself popular on the world stage even getting a special needs Swedish high school girl to fall for it. Poor thing.

She and Biden have weakened us on the world stage and both need to be voted out of office, if not sooner. Environmentalists will be the downfall of America in the long run. Look what they’ve done to California forests and their water supply. They won’t allow more dams to be built, forests to be thinned, trees to be trimmed around electrical lines. But when a fire sparks, they blame global warming. At least they don’t blame Trump.

If this conflict in Ukraine escalates drawing the United States into a war with Russia, God help us all. I blame AOC for sparking a dumb idea that Basement Biden fell for eliminating our energy independence and opening us up to dependency on our adversaries for oil. Problem is, Biden only cared about winning at all costs, even cheating, and now selling out our country. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. Our country can be green and have clean water without eliminating all our fossil fuel production. “We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” as Obama once said.

Expect a lot of lying from Lyin’ Biden tonight in his SOTU speech. He’ll claim we have the fastest growing economy and lowest unemployment in 50 years. He’ll claim he wiped out covid. He’ll ignore the border, inflation, crime wave, Afghanistan, China, and possibly the war in Ukraine. He’ll blame Trump for an insurrection and white supremacy, again. (His base loves that lie.) He’s obsessed with Trump’s popularity. He’ll claim the GOP are trying to rig the midterm elections by the racist election rules of Voter ID and no mail in ballots or drop boxes. And expect him to say hyperbole, not a joke, come on, man, blend many words together into a smoothie, and touch the side of his nose many times which is signal for “slow down the teleprompter or turn up my hidden mic.” Same ol’, same ol’.


2 thoughts on “How AOC Has Made America Unsafe.

  1. I watched Biden’s speech. His speech was appalling and boring. He didn’t address Afghanistan but he wants to support veterans now. Otherwise, the usual text came when you have nothing to say. I even took notes, but it is not worth repeating his speech. It has been given so many times by Democrats.

    There was no force behind it either. Whether this is due to the “vaccination broth”?


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