Actions Speak Louder than Fake Promises.

Biden’s SOTU address last night was angry and clearly a disjointed concoction of Trump’s mantras like Buy American diluted with AOC’s buy electric cars. It was confusing. On one hand he wants to fund the police, but said they will hold the police responsible. On one hand he wants to close the borders but wants to give citizenship to illegals. On one hand he wants to stop crime in the streets but wants to crack down on our gun rights. On one hand he wants us to Buy American but then is buying oil from Russia and covid testing kits from China. On one hand he wants us to all drive electric cars but said the car companies are charging too much and, therefore, causing inflation.

He contradicted himself so many times, I got whiplash. He wanted to pander to the conservatives yet throw a bone to the AOC’s. But ignored the Blacks altogether. He wants to end opioid addiction but said nothing about the deaths from fentanyl and drug trafficking at our borders. He plugged his deceased son, Beau, again as though he died at war. He had a brain tumor which could be attributed to any number of things like bad genes. And at closing, why was he touching his forehead onto women’s foreheads? It looked creepy to me. I’ve never touched another man’s forehead with mine. Weird. Next he’ll be back to sniffing their hair.

The speech started out as a State of the Ukraine rather than the Union. He tried to appear tough on Russia with his anger. He took pride in the courage of Ukrainians standing up to Russia like he had something to do with their courage. But does not show the same pride in the truckers standing up to government overreach in our country. Instead he builds a fence around the capitol again.

He had divided our country down “vaccinated against unvaccinated” and “masked against unmasked” yet had the nerve to say the division needs to stop like the GOP were behind it. He started it! I guess he got word that he was falling in the polls with all his mandates so he ordered the partisan CDC to relax some of their mask mandates the day before his speech. Remarkable! But why in California am I still being told to wear a mask when entering an establishment? Didn’t they get their hero Biden’s message yet?

And what was with Nancy and all her goofy smiling and lip licking? That was off putting. At least Kammie looked normal. Nancy appeared like a kindergartner smiling at her teacher reading a nursery rhyme. And notice she didn’t tear up Biden’s speech filled with contradictory lies afterwards. Amazing!

Biden’s lies had me so riled up that I wanted to punch my tv. He had the nerve to lie about no one getting their taxes raised with his Build Back Better plan. BIG LIE! He had the nerve to say Trump tax cuts were only for the top 1%. Another BIG LIE!

He completely ignored the racial tension in our country, smash and grab crimes, car-jackings, BLM attacking Asians, supply chain disruptions, violent homeless, CRT taught in schools, parents being labeled domestic terrorists, catch and release of illegals and street thugs, corrupt district attorneys, restoring Stay in Mexico and building the wall, restoring Keystone Pipeline and drilling, his failure in Afghanistan; BUT he promoted his Right to Vote bill which is nothing more than a Right to Cheat bill for the Dems. And he lied about Build Back Better lowering the deficit. He must think we’re stupid.

Just remembering all that he said is pissing me off so I will end this with: It’s the Cost of Oil, Stupid! And his actions speak louder than his fake promises. Nothing he promised will come to fruition. I give him five Pinocchios.

The Rebuttal Speech by Governor of Iowa was stellar. I give her five stars. ***** Best rebuttal I’ve heard from a Republican in years. Concise, calm, and succinct.


2 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder than Fake Promises.

  1. You have analyzed it well. I also watched the speech and took everything down. It was one of the most boring and dishonest speeches ever given.

    There was no power behind it, it dragged on and on like chewing gum, and all he said were empty phrases.

    To misuse Donald’s slogans for this nonsense is very audacious.

    Even when the cameras showed the Democrats, there were bizarre, strange-looking faces and looks that radiated anything but hope.

    I wonder if that’s because of the Arab vaccine broth.

    Translated with (free version)

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