It’s the Price of Oil, Stupid.

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I notice the media, in lockstep with the White House, is trying to blame Russia’s aggression on January 6th. Laughable. Putin didn’t need to see a minor U.S. rally 15 months ago where no one was armed or killed by a demonstrator to start invading Ukraine with bombs, tanks, and missiles. Please. No comparison. Although the riots of 2020 by BLM burning police stations, businesses, and murdering innocent people do appear similar.

I also notice they’re blaming the rising cost of oil on Russia’s invasion. Please. That started a year ago, as well. They are sounding more foolish than normal. But their typical excuse for their failures is to place blame on covid, January 6th, racism, or Trump, and now Russia. The Blame Administration. They never apologize for anything. That’s the Democrat way.

Our gasoline prices are merely a reflection on NOT being energy independent like we were under Trump. We now rely on Russia for oil to be imported whereby we were previously producing energy and exporting to Europe and had enough for ourselves. Biden also foolishly approved the pipeline from Russia to Germany making them dependent on Russia but cancelled our Keystone pipeline in midstream. Every decision he has made thus far was to advance the green new deal and the leftist loons who came up with it.

Nancy said yesterday, “We need to ban oil from Russia.” Too little, too late, lady, to come to your senses. Putin is like a killing machine on autopilot. Banning his oil now would be like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. Nice try to get on the right side of history, Nance. She’ll always have that video to fall back on.

Everything has gone up in price because of the rising cost of oil in America. Soon there will be long lines at the gas pump due to shortages and fear of a nuclear attack from Russia causing people to gas up for their bugout location. This is what Biden has brought us to. Living in fear of nuclear again, thanks to his compromised and ill-conceived decisions. This is his definition of Unity, I guess.

Biden is beholding to China and Russia. Will the real Russia colluder please stand up? His chickens are coming home to roost, except they are roosting on us too; thanks to those who voted and cheated for him. Shame, shame, shame.

I pray for Ukraine but for the World too. Putin doesn’t like to lose, and that in itself is frightening. We are left feeling helpless to stop his runaway machine, all a result of losing our energy independence which gave us clout and dominance.

I feel like we’re sitting ducks right now with a weakened military more concerned with politics and political correctness than protecting us. I doubt if they’d even hear of an imminent attack on our soil since they spend so much time searching for the elusive white supremacist (AG Garland).


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