If We’re Really Drilling, Why Aren’t We Energy Independent?

Photo by Jan-Rune Smenes Reite on Pexels.com

Psaki is either lying or trying to fool us into thinking we ARE drilling, fracking, and mining for energy here in the U.S. as we did under the Trump Administration. It just ain’t so. We are no longer exporting oil to Europe and are importing from Russia and considering Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela! How does importing oil from other countries reduce our carbon emissions from fossil fuel? Shouldn’t matter where the oil is drilled. It’s about the usage.

To stop drilling in the U.S. only made us dependent on other countries for oil, therefore, raising the cost of oil and gasoline at the pump. Did nothing to reduce the usage of oil, gas, and electricity in our country. But it makes us feel good. It’s akin to a parent cutting off a plump child’s sugar and carb intake at home but ignoring his intake elsewhere. He’ll still get fat. But at least the parent doesn’t feel responsible. And we’ll still fill our tanks with gasoline no matter where the oil comes from.

Biden is trying to make people not drive anywhere by allowing the cost of gasoline to rise to unaffordable heights. It’s currently seven bucks a gallon in Beverly Hills. What? They can afford it, so stick it to them? This is his solution to global warming? Stick it to the rich and make everyone else stay home. He also knows the average family can’t afford to go out and purchase an electric car. He wants to be known as the Green President, but his policies are too extreme and ruining this country. The only thing green about him is his envy of Trump.

Psaki claims there are many drilling leases waiting to be used, but she fails to mention that Biden has put a pause on them. He cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, drilling in ANWR, fracking, and coal mining.

“One of the most significant and unintended outcomes is the government’s pause on new oil and gas leases and permits to drill on federal lands and waters. Lease sales in states across the U.S. West, including Montana and Wyoming, are now delayed. Money Report CNBC Biden’s climate change policies are putting our country in peril, making us weak on the world stage.

Now we are on the verge of fending off a nuclear attack from Russia! All in just a year’s time. Wow! And they used to call Trump the chaos president (JEB and Jill). The only chaos Trump had was caused by the left: phony impeachments (Schiff, Vindman), phony investigations (Comey, Mueller, Hillary), BLM riots (Harris), staged J6 (Pelosi, FBI), gain of function-virus (Fauci, Obama), fake hate crimes (Smollett, Wallace, Whitmer,), and a rigged election (Biden, Zuckerberg); but no nuclear threats or foreign wars! Just imagine, sans interference from the left, Trump’s presidency would have been calm, serene, and tranquil with no nuclear threats or foreign wars like we are experiencing now!

What a difference a president makes!


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