Now that Covid is Over, Fauci Gone, and Replaced with War News…

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What’s next? This Administration is clearly controlling the news content like a communist country does and have been since they took office. They’re trying to report anything and everything in order to coverup the crime of the century: Our Rigged Presidential Election. First time in history!

They are behind all the news we are witnessing live on tv and reading in the headlines. They are even controlling the content of our tv ads and shows. Notice every couple and group of friends is interracial or gay? That’s not that common, but it is in Biden’s world. He’s controlling everything. They controlled the CDC, Fauci, W.H.O., social media, newspapers, and all the restrictive regulations and mandates until it wasn’t working for them any longer. Then they pulled Fauci out of the limelight; and, viola, covid is over because they have something to replace it with: The War in Ukraine–24/7.

Here’s what led up to Putin invading Ukraine: It was all caused by Biden whether he admits it or not. When Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and all Trump’s energy policies on day one in office to appease his base then approved the Nord Stream II Pipeline for Russia, Putin got the greenlight to invade Ukraine.

Before, while Trump was president, Putin was fearful of invading Ukraine as he had aboveground pipelines from Russia to Europe crossing over Ukraine which he paid for the easement. He feared damaging this pipeline and, therefore, losing his income from Europe. Trump knew this and wouldn’t give him the approval to continue his (alternative) underwater pipeline: Nord Stream II.

When Biden allowed Russia to continue with construction of his Nord Stream II Pipeline, he made a grave unforced error in judgment. Putin didn’t care about his pipeline in Ukraine any longer and could bomb the crap out of the country which he is currently executing.

“The new 1,230-kilometer pipeline, basically following the same route as Nord Stream I, traverses the economic zones and territorial water of five countries, namely Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

Works under the project were suspended in December 2019 after Allseas, a Swiss company laying the pipes for the Nord Stream II pipeline, suspended pipe-laying works over possible US sanctions [Trump] and recalled its vessels. The construction works were resumed only a year later in December 2020 after an intense legal struggle.

On July 21, 2021,[Biden] the United States and Germany published an agreement on the Nord Stream II project, where Washington recognized that sanctions would not stop the project implementation and Berlin undertook the efforts to ensure the extension of Russian gas exports via Ukraine. The United States however reserved the right to take measures in case Russia, as it put it, uses energy as a geopolitical weapon in Europe and in case of its “aggression” against Ukraine.” European Blog Anna Van Densky.

For the Biden Administration to be blaming Russia for the rise in the cost of oil is incomprehensible and no one believes it. And does anyone remember that Hunter worked for the Ukraine energy company, Burisma, raking in millions and Joe had to intervene to stop Ukraine from investigating his son? Hunter was selling access to the Vice President of the United States at the time and he and the “Big Guy” were profiting. Do we have that short of memories? And they tried to impeach Trump for withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigating Hunter. Trump was onto something. Talk about a preemptive strike by congress on Trump before Trump’s AG struck them.

I think their jig is about up. Even the corrupt main stream media can’t report that Russia is to blame for rising cost of gasoline. Time for an impeachment or two. And what the heck is Kammie doing at Poland’s border to assess their refugee problem? Is she practicing to be president? She couldn’t solve our problem on our southern border. She’ll probably say, “We need to get to the root causes in Ukraine for why the refugees are coming here.” And what does she know about the U.S. blocking transfer of planes from Poland to help Ukraine? Nothing. If anything she’ll step in it, cackle, and make things worse. Help!


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