Jack be Nimble, Jack be Swift.

During a press conference in Poland, our Vice President avoids a question about why the U.S. was not onboard with fighter planes being sent to Ukraine from Poland by plagiarizing part of a Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme. “We will be nimble. We will be swift.” Then finishes with another long word salad more like a smoothie that avoided the question altogether.

Well…it seems old Joe is rubbing off on her or maybe plagiarizing is contagious; but from a nursery rhyme? At least Joe can rewind his memory track and recite some actual speeches from deceased leaders that the millennials would never catch onto, as long as he leaves Corn Pop out of the colloquial. But Kamala’s plagiarism could be called out by a preschooler. Maybe she missed her calling as a preschool teacher. Can’t believe she used to be a prosecutor. They have to be quick on their toes. Must have slept with someone to get that position. šŸ˜‰ She’s just not good at speaking without a script in front of her or memorized. Again, similar to Joe.

Kamala is not ready for primetime. Her voice sounds strained and shaky from nerves, and she forgets where she is too. I’m on the western side; no, the eastern side of Poland. Poor gal. “Getting lost” must be contagious too. I seriously think Kamala was smarter before she became VP. Joe’s gaffes, slurring, stammering, and bumbling have rubbed off on her. Or their karma is kicking in.

I’m seriously worried that these two Laurel and Hardys are running our country into the ground. And I hope not literally. Maybe they could have had a successful Vaudeville Act at one time, but not acceptable on the world stage representing the United States. Next she’ll be reciting parts of, Jack and Jill. “We fell down. We broke our crown. And they came tumbling after.”


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