Can We Please Stop Playing Dumb?

I’m really getting sick of media pundits asking why Biden will not reverse his climate change initiatives. This is what he ran on! Didn’t anyone who voted for him hear what he said in debates and townhalls? We are all acting like Biden has changed his position on fossil fuel once taking office. HE HASN”T! He said, read my lips I will end fossil fuel.

I blame the Democrats for voting for him like he was a moderate. He wasn’t. He got bought by the far leftists like AOC and Zuckerberg who contributed to him big time, and he owes them. Nothing he does now will reverse his stance on fossil fuel. He’s in too deep. He wants to end it at all costs, even at the cost of bringing us into a war. He’s worse than Obama, Bernie, and Hillary all combined, and I blame the Democrats for voting for him. All the Democrats and Independents who voted for him are to blame.

But for the media pundits to continue to ask why Biden won’t change his position on fossil fuel is driving me crazy. He doesn’t want to! He’s in charge of our country right now with his goofy VP who has just discovered geography. “Russia is a big country. Ukraine is smaller. It is next to Russia. Russia is more powerful. etc.” I feel like between our leaders and our media, we are being talked down to like we are in kindergarten. Some of us are, however; those that voted for Biden.

My questions to all those that voted for Biden: Are you happy that he has brought us close to a world war? Do you like the cost of fuel and food these days? Do you like being forced to get vaccinated or to wear a mask? Do you like your young children being indoctrinated with sex/gender/gay/race issues in school? Do you like Biden telling us that we need to buy an electric car or suffer with gas prices? Do you like our southern borders getting inundated by illegals? Do you like the way our justice system is releasing violent criminals back onto the street? Do you like males entering sports against females as transgenders? I could go on with the questions; but if you answered “no” to more than two of the above, you got duped.

So let’s stop playing dumb in the media and amongst ourselves. We knew what we were getting with a Biden presidency. Why? Because he told us what we’d get! We are getting what we deserve for voting irresponsibly.


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