There’s a Ship Drifting Without a Rudder.

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And the ship is the USS Biden. It is lost at sea. This is an analogy of how Biden is running this country. He’s reactionary– not displaying leadership or confidence–just weakness. He’s not promoting peace across the globe like the Leader of the Free World should do; he’s playing catchup. He’s the kindergarten teacher who’s left the classroom; the football coach who’s left the field; the pilot who’s passed out. He’s making decisions based on politics not on protecting our country, and it’s beginning to show. Other countries notice it. Everyone notices it, except for the media who still laughs at his dementia but never replays it.

Yesterday he answered a reporter’s question as to whether or not Putin was a war criminal. He flatly answered (to his handlers’ chagrin.) “No!” Then after his handlers whispered something to him, he came back to clean up the mess on Aisle 8 and asked, “Did you say ‘war criminal’?” They nodded, and he responded, “Yes!” This ship is drifting rudderless. And Blinken looks like the student a teacher asks to stand in for her while she steps out of the classroom. Not much confidence in his affect.

And the redhead with black roots needs to quit her job as Press Secretary. She is cocky, snarky, and downright disrespectful to reporters. She has no business representing the President of the United States with such an attitude. In the real world at a real company in business to make profits, she would have been fired long ago for lying to the shareholders and possessing an attitude unbecoming. But the USS Biden doesn’t care as she almost makes him appear honest.

She just said, “Biden inherited an economic disaster.” Big lie! Trump handed them the vaccines, economy on the rebound, peace across the globe, energy independence, secure borders, law and order, almost completed wall, low gas prices, a plan to exit Afghanistan successfully, and no shipping problems. And the USS Biden ran all this aground. Where’s Fauci? Did he get indicted yet?

So you see, we have a ship without a rudder. A commander in name only. His staff isn’t much better. They are lost without his final word on major decisions like whether to send planes to Ukraine or impose a No-fly Zone or stop buying gas from Russia or end the mask/vaccine mandates.

Biden’s leadership is clearly affected by his being beholden to Russia, Ukraine, and China for “the big guy’s” past dirty deeds with his son. If he favors one over the other, the other may spill the beans. It’s just a matter of time before Putin announces why the mayor of Moscow gave Hunter three million bucks, or China admits why they gave Hunter a billion $$$$ deal, or why the prosecutor was investigating Hunter in Ukraine. He can’t keep them all at bay indefinitely, and also why Putin got the courage to invade, and why Biden won’t punish China for unleashing a bioweapon on us. Corruption begets corruption. Corruption covers for corruption.

Let’s get one thing clear: They all collectively brought us to where we are at, and no one wants to be left holding the bag., i.e. take the blame. USS Biden doesn’t know where it’s going or where it’s been. It’s lost. It’s drifting at sea and taking us with it. Someone, anyone, McConnell, Graham, McCarthy, please intervene and take the USS Biden to a ship cemetery where old ships, which have completed their service life, are abandoned.

Our country can’t take much more of this incompetence.


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