It Took Five Years for the Truth About No Russia Collusion…

Fake Lesley Stahl’s cover up of the Bidens

to be reported. And it took two years for the New York Times to admit Hunter’s laptop was authentic, something the rest of us all knew before the last election. It also took five years to discover that Trump’s campaign and the White House were spied upon by the Hillary campaign and that the Steel Dossier was fabricated garbage. How many more years before we find out that our last election was rigged, and that January 6th was nothing more than a set up against Trump by the FBI and Pelosi? We are living in communist times folks where the media and social media are controlled by our government. They are in cahoots to suppress the truth.

And let’s not forget how they tried to impeach Trump on some phony Ukraine phone call with none other than Zelensky. Talk about a smokescreen to deflect what Biden was guilty of in Ukraine. But that aside, Schiff paid Vindman, the whistleblower (who used to work for Biden), Dr. Hill, General Milley, et al to come up with something resembling a quid pro quo like Biden did to use against Trump. It was another set up, but we’ll all have to wait for several more years for that to come out in the New York Times. They are very slow to get the truth out.

Point is, Trump was right, and it is proving to be true. He was always telling the truth during his debates against Biden and Hillary and in interviews, but the moderators shut him down or laughed at him as they were biased. Just like Candy Crowley shut down Romney during his debate against Obama about whether or not Obama called Benghazi a terror attack. Then on 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl told Trump there was no evidence of Trump being spied on during his campaign and that there was no scandal involving Biden and his son. She lied on camera to America with a straight face then got angry when Trump called her out for her fakeness and bias. No one should be watching 60 Minutes from here on out unless Stahl makes a public apology to Trump. Won’t hold my breath.

Trump will continue to scream from the rooftops that the presidential election was rigged by the left and that he didn’t plan riots outside of the capitol, but no one will believe him not even some in the GOP. But miraculously five years from now, the New York Times will finally report the true story when it is no longer relevant to Trump, and it will still be quickly buried by the main stream media. It will appear long after the next presidential election. They could report it now, but they are working for Biden and he was part of the plot to rig the election.

Why hasn’t Hillary been indicted yet? Didn’t she spy on Trump’s campaign and the White House too? Don’t they call it Electronic Watergate? So many went to jail after Watergate was adjudicated, but I’m hearing crickets after evidence comes out of Hillary’s plot. Why is that? Is she really that untouchable or will she sing like a canary on others even higher up than her? (Obama). That’s why.

And what’s with Smollett being released from jail after one night? Is he that famous that he gets special treatment from judges? He’s a whiney, lying, two-bit, no-name actor and actually deserves to be behind bars for five years for the hate crime that he faked. It spread racism across the nation and was slanderous to Trump Supporters. He was also heavily supported by Kamala and Biden when he got arrested. Almost think they are behind him getting released. Another conspiracy to look into. Where are all the investigative reporters? They aren’t doing their jobs!

And for the eco-socialists to encourage the rising gas prices as they wish for us all to go electric and solar; such hypocritic limousine liberals that fly around in their private jets. They’re polluting as much as anyone, yet they can afford the rising costs. They’re all sick. I doubt none of them drive a Prius, a bike, or a horse and buggy. Fake environmentalists. All for show and no go.


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