Ketanji Jackson Gets Shielded by Democrats at SC Confirmation.


Wow! Judge Ketanji Jackson gets praise after praise from the Democrats on the panel compared to the way they treated extremely qualified Amy Barrett and Kavanaugh during their hearings. It is baffling. I’m half expecting them to bring in a cake and balloons in honor of her nomination alone. She can do no wrong in their eyes. She can say no wrong. They are gushing over her and praising her family, whereas they vilified Amy Barrett for adopting two black children. It’s a love fest. And it’s off putting because we know how these panelists really behave.

Lindsey Graham is as disgusted as I am over the double standard. And where are all the protestors in the room that shouted during Amy’s and Kavanaugh’s hearings? Alissa Milano? Anyone? Oh, that’s right, only Democrats hire protestors to come to these hearings. The media and those on the other side of the aisle are claiming that the Republicans on the panel behaved atrociously toward Ms. Jackson. Do they have short memories or what?! What they put Kavanaugh through during his testimony was despicable and harmful to his children and wife. It was downright disgusting hiring some love-struck weirdo from a club pool to have a go at him.

Because she is Black, they are putting her on some sort of pedestal like she will be the first Black on the SCOTUS. She’s not! She’s not a role model for little Black boys like she says. Of course she has years of legal experience, but I could have answered more questions than she has been willing to answer; and they would have been the correct answers. “When you have to think about your answer, you’re not telling the truth,” Judge Judy always says. I’ll add to that, “when you avoid the question altogether with caveats, you’re hiding the truth.”

She doesn’t know what a woman is. She doesn’t know that strict punishment is a deterrent to crime. She doesn’t know if more police will bring down crime rates. She doesn’t know that watching child porn is the harbinger to becoming a pedophile. She didn’t know that CRT is being taught in the school that she is a board member on. She didn’t know of the disgusting books they are being forced to read. She had no opinion of whether the Supreme Court should be packed. Red flag.

She’s either lying or covering for the fact that she is radical. Remember AG Garland’s son in law is profiting from CRT books. They are all in cahoots. She’s written opinions about peaceful protestors outside an abortion clinic calling them horrible names. I wonder what names she called the unpeaceful protestors that burned police stations and cars in liberal cities during 2020? I know, she was not aware of any riots, nor heard of them. That’s her typical answer. She’s either had her head in the sand for two years or she’s lying. Also the White House is holding back thousands of her writings on rulings. I wonder why?

Ms. Jackson says she’s the product of Martin Luther King for not being educated in a segregated school. Her parents, she claims, attended segregated schools; yet I am about their age and experienced none of this. She may be lying. She hedged on what religion she is or what church she attends. She is the Protected Democrat Class.

I suspect she is soft on crime (sympathetic to criminals), supports the BLM movement, an anti-Trumper, promotes gender-neutrality and CRT, a bleeding heart liberal, and a political activist that will legislate from the bench. Notice her doctrine did not mention the U.S. Constitution but “her methodology” over and over, which is code for she’ll do her own thing. She’ll be a snake in the grass; a fly in the ointment on the bench. She’s the perfect choice for Biden, although a much better speaker than Kamala. But “fool us once” comes to mind.

I wouldn’t confirm any judge that doesn’t know what a woman is; after all, she’s not a biologist. What a copout. Sorry. You don’t need to be a biologist to tell a girl from a boy. And she’s the mother of two girls! Disqualified in my opinion. She flunked the test.

Kudos to Ted Cruz, Graham, and Hawley for standing up for America as we usually don’t get much defense from our representatives.


2 thoughts on “Ketanji Jackson Gets Shielded by Democrats at SC Confirmation.

  1. Each day I see and hear what the government fools are up to, I’m more appalled than the day before. They literally make me sick to my stomach. The entire Federal government has lost sight of why they are there in the first place. They operate as if none of us exist, and they are operating as a free-standing entity. The whole damn thing needs to be scrapped and recreated. We are going downhill on a greased slide.


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