Appalled by Will Smith’s Behavior at the Oscars.

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I rarely watch the Oscars any longer but happened to tune in right before Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock. I got Chris Rock’s joke about his wife who came to the gala with a shaved head, but apparently Will is embarrassed by his wife’s appearance and had to defend her on live tv.

Will has always had a good boy image as he’s the black Tom Hanks; but must have a dark side which appeared last night. Even his acceptance speech was bordering on suppression and prosecution of the blacks for years which the William girls have not experienced. They have dominated tennis for at least ten years and can’t be complaining now. Black Lives Matter has ruined blacks across America especially the famous ones. They have jumped on the bandwagon claiming now to be victims of racism. I ain’t buying it. Will didn’t get the Academy Award from a racist society.

In my opinion, Will should have been escorted out by security and arrested for assault. What he did was inexcusable and had nothing to do with racism as Chris Rock is black. What we have here is an entitled, self-indulgent, Hollywood elite who lost his temper. It wasn’t staged. There would be no reason for it to be staged. He’s got a bad boy temper and it showed. If he was so embarrassed by his wife’s medical condition, he should had asked her to wear a beautiful wig to the affair. They can afford one. She apparently wants to flaunt her medical condition and therein lies the problem. Celebrities will give up their appearance to support their cause which for her is alopecia. Can’t have it both ways, Will.

These celebrities think they are above the law. And based on last night, they are. A white actor would have been arrested on the spot and certainly not given the award for Best Actor. When the Academy Awards resorts to violence on stage, it’s time to cancel their show. And the acceptance speeches about hate and racism coming from the likes of Jessica Chastain, please. Spare me. I hear she’s horrible to work for. She’s a diva. All the hate is coming from the left. What a poor example Will has set for black youth.

But what is really behind Will’s behavior? I think it is because the Democrats in general are embarrassed and mad at the president they helped cheat to put in office. There were no jokes about the poor job Biden is doing; in fact it was the elephant in the room. But if he was Trump, we would have had speeches and jokes up the ying yang. These celebrity types cover for their Democrats even when Biden has gotten us close to going to war. There are fires burning everywhere across the globe as the teacher has left the room. They will continue to cover for him; but they must be at a boiling point thus why Will lost it last night. He had to release his anger some how, and Chris Rock triggered it.

Based on the movie clips they showed, there wasn’t one that made me curious enough to watch. They just don’t make movies like they used to. Too PC, woke, and lib for me. And their awards shows have lost their glamour, mystique, and prestige as well. I almost felt embarrassed for Travolta and Pacino when they were on stage to have to associate with this group of amateurs.


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