Hollywood Gets Away with Assault and Murder while…

Photo by Sides Imagery on Pexels.com

peaceful demonstrators from the January 6th rally are still sitting behind bars! The double standard is blaring. The slap heard around the world just gets creepier and creepier as the truth slowly gets out of bed. Seems ol’ Will has had a rocky marriage riddled by infidelity. Seems he originally laughed at the harmless joke by Chris Rock but then got the stink eye from Jada. Instead of looking like a wuss, he had to do something; so he marches up to the stage and slaps Chris Rock to defend his ego which has taken a beating over the years. He wasn’t defending his wife’s honor. Then he shouts the ef word twice from his seat? The guy was fit to be tied.

It is never okay to strike someone in anger. Never, ever; and I doubt this was the first time Will has done this. It came way too easy for him. I suspect he strikes his children in anger and possibly his wife and; therefore, why they have marriage woes. Will is worth 350 million $$$$$ and should be a lot happier but is miserable. Despite his inappropriate dancing at the victory party, the guy is a mess. He may not have a prenup. I see a divorce in the making.

Those in Hollywood that think the slap on Chris was deserved or at CNN that think Trump caused it, all need their heads examined. One idiot they interviewed said, “it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.” Wow! What is going on? Violence is never the answer to anything. I’m not sure what the punishment for Will should be, but at least bar him from any further award shows. He sets a bad example for audiences that may get offended by a comedian. No wonder some comedians aren’t doing stand up any longer, the audience is too easily offended. They are snowflakes with no sense of humor.

Martha McCaulen from FOX News claims she didn’t get Chris Rock’s joke; but then again, she has no sense of humor. And Hannity, if we have to hear one more time that you used to fight with your hockey players after a game when you were a kid, I may throw up. Will is not a kid and committed an unprovoked assault on an innocent person on live tv. No comparison Hannity.

Legally, I think he should get many hours of anger management classes and community service counseling underprivileged black children or those in detention for violence. He needs to atone for what he did and what better way than setting an example to children that violence doesn’t pay. If he gets no punishment, then violence does pay–in Hollywood anyway. First Alec Baldwin and now Will Smith. Dropping like flies.

If I were in Chris Rock’s situation, I would have put up my arms to block the incoming and if he landed a hand on my face, I would have slugged him back. Chris was too nice by laughing it off. Release the innocent rally goers from January 6th and hold Hollywood more accountable for their crimes.


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