For God’s Sakes, He Cannot Remain in Power!

Wow! It’s like a grammar school cheat note from his mom.

And I don’t mean Putin! I mean Biden! With all the craziness going on in the world right now (especially in plain sight), we cannot have this man in charge of our future. From his inappropriate smiling around refugees from Ukraine, to the creepy groping of young women, to his failure to admit his mistakes, to his Freudian slips, and to his awkward press conferences, something has to give! We can’t go on like this for two more years!

The 25th Amendment comes to mind. If there ever was a time to invoke it, now is the time. I’m tired of the press covering (lying) for him. I’m tired of them sugarcoating every gaffe he makes then back walking it with lies. I’m tired of his snarky answers to reporter Doozey trying to make him look silly. I’m tired of his pretending to be tough on Russia when we all know he is beholden to Russia. I’m tired of the FBI playing dumb to the importance and whereabouts of Hunter’s Laptop. I’m tired of what is going on at our borders. I’m tired of my Democrat friends complaining about the cost of gasoline and goods in the stores like it came out of nowhere. And then saying it will only get higher.

I finally said to one, “Don’t worry it will all be over in May when we kick your guys out of the House and Senate and get back to energy independence. It’s not Putin’s fault.” The phone went dead. I heard crickets. She was speechless for the first time. But at least I said it. Subject change immediately.

I like what one speaker said at Trump’s recent rally. He said, “We’ll take back the House. We’ll take back the Senate. We’ll impeach Biden and appoint Trump as Speaker.” Sounds like a plan to me. Sounds like the only plan to me as I’m tired of the election committees dragging their feet on the real results of the 2020 election. Sounds like they are being threatened to remain silent.

“But for God’s sakes, he cannot remain in power!” Must have been a Freudian slip or a silent plea for help to please take me out of this position.


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