Hollywood Elites Suddenly Experiencing PTSD after Oscars.

Photo by Danielle Reese on Pexels.com

Really? The ones who gave Will a standing ovation when he was announced the winner for Best Actor? The ones who came to the podium and gave a scolding speech about hate but never said a word about Will (Jessica Chastain)? The ones walking the room with mics in hand and never spoke out against Will’s behavior? The ones who attended the victory party with Will and were glad handing him? Those Hollywood elites?

Give me a break! They had their chance to voice their shock by his behavior and missed it. For them to now appear grief-stricken over his violence (and that’s what it was “violence”) is too little too late. They went along with his violence so they wouldn’t be forgotten by Will when he makes his next movie. But, ironically, they are getting cancelled by their fans for not standing up against violence. It would be funny, if it was not so predictable. What Will did was reminiscent to what some blacks are doing to Asians walking on the street. Slapping them down.

Hollywood is made up of fake, pretentious, self-serving clowns much like Washington D.C.. They only care about themselves and themselves only. They have to weigh how they’d react to something before they react to something. It is sad. Without a script, they are worthless much like Biden and Harris. There isn’t a courageous hero in the bunch. I’m ashamed of some of my actors like Pacino, Harrison, Travolta, and Denzel for not speaking out. If there was a fire, they’d all run out and leave behind their colleagues as long as they got out safely. That’s figuratively what it looked like to me.

This is where we are at. Hollywood has a bad influence on our children and yet we continue to let them put out crappy movies and tv shows filled with violence, liberal propaganda, and anti-American speak. Hollywood needs to be regulated just as Disney and social media needs to be. They have all gone woke and lost any sense of courage to stand up for what is right. They are not to be trusted any longer.

I think the Academy Awards needs to apologize to Chris Rock in the form of compensation. I think their show should be suspended for one year for their lack of control over the event. If Will gets off scot free, like Hillary, Comey, Strzok, McCabe, Baldwin, Hunter, BLM rioters et al, then we know for a fact that our country has gone down the rabbit hole and cannot come back.


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