Now That Ol’ Joe is Walking in Circles…

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like Rain Man left alone on a tarmac, what’s next? The Democrats have run out of ideas it seems. They even had to drag Obama into the White House to appear like things were under control. But they’re not! It’s embarrassing to watch. Ol’ Joe has made such a mess of things in this country in such a short time, he will go down in history as the Worst U.S. President of all time. They may even give him a trophy for that.

But where does that leave the rest of us? Everyone is worried even my Democrat friends and family. They say things like, “This year has started out so bad” or “the price of everything has gone so high” or “there could be another pandemic coming.” This is how they talk like Biden has nothing to do with where we are at today. He has everything to do with it! Stop playing dumb!

How will this happen? They are probably gathering in workshops, as I write, to come up with a plan to replace Joe; but they don’t want Kamala now either. She is a rambling, word-salad, word-smoothie, cackling incompetent. Remember the card game called Old Maid? She is the vision of the Old Maid card as I recall her. I think they are trying to get scrabble-word, articulate Obama-light Buttigieg into the position of president somehow. This should be something to watch. But the Democrats, if nothing else, are masters at deception and corruption so let’s see how they pull this off. Buttigieg is just another bullsh*t artist like Obama who never answers a question, just talks around it.

In the meantime, they have Hunter going down for selling access to “the Big Guy”, Hillary getting a slap on the wrist for coming up with her hairbrained idea of Russia Collusion, and still trying to take out Trump for inciting violence at the January 6th rally. They are busy little bees right now. But let’s not forget the FBI has their hands in all the aforementioned. They sat on Hunter’s laptop for quite some time then the media buried it altogether before the election. They went along with Hillary’s idea to spy on the Trump campaign and hopefully find something relating to Russia so they could pin a Russia collusion story on him. Thus the fake Steel Dossier. And they infiltrated the January 6th capitol with rogue agents. Their hands, as well as the CIA’s, are dirty as hell.

Folks, we are living in unchartered times. We’ve never had such widespread corruption of our government, ever. We used to rely on the Constitution and checks and balances of the three branches of government, but the Democrats have illegally taken control of all three by rigging elections. Our Constitution has slowly been dismantled and stepped on by the Democrats in charge. In fact, they want to eliminate it altogether as they continue to slip radicals into the Supreme Court who have no intention of following the U.S. Constitution. And we are just helpless bystanders watching our country get taken down like a gazelle caught in the jaws of a cheetha.

Our only hope is to take over the House and Senate this November without a rigged election this time. Then we can impeach Biden and Harris together and appoint our Speaker of the House as temporary president. This can be our only way out unless the Democrats pull something out of their hats beforehand. But whatever they pull, will not be good for America. I can only imagine what they are brewing up for us. So…we wait and see. We can expect almost anything from them at this point.


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