Biden Crime Syndicate Family Finally Being Exposed.

And please don’t wonder if Joe Biden was aware of it. I can’t handle that question any longer from the media, anchors, politicians, and pundits. It’s as obvious as the nose on their faces. Why do you think Psaki is abruptly leaving the scene of the crime syndicate family? She’s sick of lying for them. Anyone would be, even her. And don’t tell me Jill was unaware either. They own multi million $$$$ homes and cars in prime real estate and didn’t get those from “lunch bucket Joe” on a VP salary alone. She cheated on her first husband. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

The way the media covers for Joe is getting sickeningly obnoxious. Joe’s brothers and son were selling the “Biden” name to other countries in exchange for favors from “the big guy” VP whenever they asked. China, Ukraine, Russia are on top of the list. Why do you think Joe has been so soft on Russia during their invasion of Ukraine? Why do you think Joe never confronted China for spreading a deadly virus worldwide? Why do you think Joe is reluctantly helping Ukraine even though he doesn’t want to at all? (He may piss off Putin.) Why do you think Joe left allies and Americans behind in Afghanistan to die? (Word is still out on that.) Joe is compromised. He’s had his hands in so many kickbacks over the years, he can’t remember which country he may be beholden to. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive.” They’ve all got something on Joe.

Sad thing is, he probably can’t remember how many countries he’s beholden to. He thinks he used to drive a big rig. He never did. The guy has made up so many stories over the years, he is beginning to believe some of them. Next he’ll say he was a hero in Viet Nam and The Left will believe him. Just hope there are some indictments coming down soon on the Bidens.


One thought on “Biden Crime Syndicate Family Finally Being Exposed.

  1. We all have recurring dreams. Some of them quite real. Those recurring dreams start to embed themselves in your memory. I know myself; I have had to manually ( for want of a better term ) tell myself, ” no self, that was not real, it was a dream”. I think Joe can no longer sort that stuff out. He is living in a dreamscape and it will only get worse as his conscious memory continuers to deteriorate. But what a great defense for Joe, can you imagine a lawyer trying to cross examine him with the standard Hillary response of ” I can’t remember”. These people are a perpetual clown show.


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