Biden Favors Cartel over Border Agents.

Invasion at our southern border.

One of our border agents risked his life to save a migrant drowning in the river that she was illegally crossing into our country. The agent disappeared underwater and is presumed dead. Does Biden care? No. Does he have a press conference honoring this agent? Not yet, but I doubt he will because he is on the side of the cartel getting paid to smuggle illegals into our country at a count of 9,000 a day not including the getaways.

To Biden every illegal that enters our country is a potential vote for him in 2024. Biden is delusional if he even thinks he’ll last until 2024, evidenced by his failing health. He thinks Title 42, which is soon to end, is a mask mandate on public transportation. Delusional. The media is covering for him as well as his wife. She drags him around like a blind dog. I know as I used to have a blind dog. She behaved much like Biden does: spins in circles, loses her way in new surroundings, needs to be escorted up and down stairs, and told to “Stay” just like Biden is told.

Seriously though, our border is a mess and getting worse by the day. Something has to be done. Agents are risking their lives for migrants breaking the law! Absurd! The Democrats remain silent on this issue as they are hoping for votes as well. They certainly can’t earn votes from U.S. citizens for their policies so they have to recruit voters into our country with promises of freebies and freedom. But the unintended consequences of drug dealers, terrorists, MS13, and criminals crossing our border is overlooked by them.

Fentanyl deaths of teenagers are on the rise in our country. Migrants are smuggling drugs into our country like we’ve never witnessed before, and there aren’t enough agents at our border to stop them. If we had finished the wall, kept migrants in Mexico, and returned those sneaking in back to their country of origin, we’d be a much safer nation than we are now. No telling what some of these potential killers are plotting. They have different values than Americans and some of them don’t value life.

Certainly there are some honest ones who will be willing to work as farmers and grape harvesters, etc., but we had a work program for them in the past whereby they came over the border, worked, then left again. They didn’t live here and certainly would never have voted in our country illegally like they did in 2020. We opened the flood gates for illegal voting.

If a border agent had died under Trump’s watch, the media would be screaming that Trump was heartless and his policies allowed the agent to die. But the media is suspiciously silent when this occurs under Biden’s watch because they are covering for him. Whatever their hero Biden does, seems to be hunky dory with them. It is becoming increasingly hard to watch. The double standard of how Trump was treated compared to Biden is deafening. It is also blatantly obvious.

But bottom line is Biden cares more for the drug cartels smuggling in migrants than he does our own overworked border agents. Otherwise, he’d apologize for arresting the border horsemen, shutdown the border, finish the wall, keep Title 42, enforce current immigration laws, and stop flying migrants to red states to turn the state blue. What he is getting away with is impeachable for failure to keep America safe; and when we take over the House in the midterms, we should impeach him and Kamala. Then the current Speaker of the House becomes temporary president, whomever that may be.

Our border invasion is a bigger threat to America than the war in Ukraine and much more imminent.


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