Joe Biden, “the Opposite President.”

“Whatever Trump would do, I’ll do the opposite.”

Remember when George Costanza of Seinfeld fame decided he’d do the opposite of the way he normally would do things and it worked in his favor? He suddenly became honest to women, employers, parents, and friends and even ordered the opposite food he’d normally eat? His friends and employers were all impressed by his frankness. It even landed him a job at the New York Yankees.

Well… I suspect ol’ Joe has taken a page from this Seinfeld episode and decided to do the OPPOSITE of everything Trump would do, thinking he’d be successful. But it has backfired, as you can’t do the opposite of someone else, it has to be the opposite of the way you’d normally do things. (If it has any merit at all.) I believe his decision making of late has become much like this: He’s confronted with a problem or crisis and thinks to himself, “What would Trump do? I’ll do the opposite of him” just like how George Costanza did in one episode.

His decision in Afghanistan, opposite of Trump; decision on mask wearing, opposite of Trump; decision on border control, opposite; decision on drilling and fracking, opposite; decision on vaccinations, opposite; decision on CRT, opposite; decision on taxes, opposite; and so on and so on.

It may please his bleeding heart base to some extent, but it is irrational governing of our country especially when most of Trump’s instincts and policies were right on. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That has always been my mantra, especially when I go to the dentist and he wants to replace a filling. Biden could have done “nothing” for two years (another Seinfeld reference “a show about nothing”) and our country would be thriving economically with no foreign wars, no rising gas prices or increase in crime; and Biden would be praised. But instead he chose to do the OPPOSITE of everything Trump did and is now mocked. What a fool.

This is why I label him “the Opposite President.” Biden will be on the wrong side of history on just about every decision he makes especially when it comes to our schools, borders, health, race, gender, and energy policies. For instance, he has been in favor of transgender rights, open borders, and BLM and look where that has gotten us. Wrong side of history on every decision he makes. At this point he’d better off copying Trump rather than doing the opposite; which is what he is usually good at: plagiarizing.


One thought on “Joe Biden, “the Opposite President.”

  1. Trump was accused and investigated but was never indicted. The same is true for his family. It appears more and more likely a grand jury will indict Hunter Biden. How about the “Big Guy”? Will he be indicted? If we go with the “opposite” logic, we would say yes to Joe Biden and his family being indicted. Maybe justice will finally prevail.

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