Lawless Democrats Fear Elon Musk.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

Their jig is about up now that Free Speech will be restored on Twitter. No more suppression of Hunter’s laptop and the secret meetings at the White House with Hunter’s partner. No more banning of Trump and his supporters. No more suppression of election fraud evidence and January 6th theories. No more burying the news of the debacle at our borders and the death of a National Guardsman, and other subjects that the left does not want out there. In fact, some anchors are predicting that Elon will control the next election by suppressing news from the woke left. Oh my! Really? How’d they come up with that? Oh, I forgot, it’s already been done before the 2020 election.

The height of hypocrisy has no bounds with these loons. From The View claiming only white straight males are on Twitter to others claiming Elon is racist to Pocahontas claiming the end to democracy (which is code to the end of their cheating), they have stooped to new levels. Since when is it bad to be a straight white male? Without straight males of any race there’d be no procreation and reproduction in the normal sense. None of the baby boomers would have been born and they are the parents and grandparents of millennials, Gen X and Gen Z of any race. A big thank you to straight males of any color is in order. The left needs to stop vilifying them as they wouldn’t have been born!

Usually the left adores smart, innovative billionaires that invent spaceships and electric vehicles, but not when they want to restore Free Speech in America. That’s where the left draws the line. Democrat Elon Musk is now their Number One Most Hated individual next to Trump and DeSantis, of course. These three smart men threaten to disrupt the criminal activity of election fraud among the Democrats and the Biden Crime Syndicate Family by allowing conservative speak. Biden is lawless now as he is ignoring court orders at our border and ignoring the overturning of mask mandates. He needs to be indicted.

Hopefully, Elon Musk can accomplish what should have been done by our government, but they failed us. It takes a billionaire to buy out a corrupt social media to allow voices from both sides of the aisle to be heard. Maybe he can buyout the New York Times and Facebook next. Shadow banning and outright banning of news stories should be outlawed or at least monitored in newspapers, television, and social media. We never had this being done in past generations to this extent. The news needs to be unbiased, “just the facts, ma’am.”


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