Our Government Wants to be the Arbiter of Truth?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Are you kidding me!? The same ones who told us Hunter’s laptop was Russia disinformation? The same ones who said Trump colluded with Russia? The same ones who fell for Jussie Smollett’s and the Bubba Wallace hoax? The ones who thought the Steel Dossier was true? Those ones? The same ones who thought Trump incited violence at the Capitol? The ones who think we are delusional for saying the election was rigged? The same ones who are now saying that they inherited a broken immigration system and that walls don’t work? Those folks? They are going to be the arbiters of truth? HAHAHAHAHA. I….don’t…think…so. This gives new meaning to the old game show Truth or Consequences.

They wouldn’t recognize the truth if it was knocking at the White House door. This sounds very desperate and Orwellian Big Brotherish to me which the Democrats usually loathe. But they are so fearful of Twitter allowing the REAL truth to be heard, that they have decided to devote a department in the government to penalize anyone that opposes their woke opinions. Not only is this a waste of taxpayers dollars but is unconstitutional.

The government doesn’t decide what we can hear from the press, media, social, and others. We decide. We can tell the truth from a lie. We can turn off the news we don’t believe or cancel a newspaper like the New York Times for lying. And from what we’ve seen from those in charge like Kamala and Biden, they’re always are on the wrong side of any story, i.e. they never get it right.

Thank you but no thank you, government. We don’t need your help in deciding what is truth. You have lied to us so much it would be like putting Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy in charge of security at a sorority house. You not only bury the truth but you create a diversion from the truth usually involving Russia which is very evil. Everything you’ve done to this country so far is evil.

Certainly when a false story is proven to be wrong like Hunter’s laptop and the Steel Dossier that was pushed for two years, there should be some consequences like those behind the false story (CNN, MSNBC, NYT etc.) asked to recant their stories and return their Pulitzers Prizes; but other than that, the government has no place in screening stories.

So keep your stupid idea of a Disinformation Department in the Suggestion Box where Obama put it. It ain’t gonna happen. We won’t stand for it. What’s next, arresting anyone who writes about the stolen election? I….don’t….think…so. Remember we have Freedom of Speech in our country whether you like it or not. We have fair and honest elections (cough) to change what we don’t like. And we’ll do it in November. We don’t like your governing.


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