Do Progressives Feel Guilt?

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I truly want to know as I’ve been wondering lately how they sleep at night after all the lies and scams they’ve pulled over on us. We all have guilt to some degree in our lives but the extent of their guilt must keep them up at night! Right? Or not. Are they even worried that they may go to hell? Living an honest, guilt-free life is the best way to live as you never have to tell a lie to cover for what you’ve done wrong.

I notice lately it is real easy for the Dems in my life to just lie off the cuff when they are caught in the corner. They are quite glib at it. We used to call these “white lies,” but now they are bordering on being brown or black lies. I catch my woke sister in lies so often that I don’t call her out any longer, as she’ll deny ever saying it in the first place. Lies to cover their lies. Wonderful way to live.

For instance, Dems will use covid now as their “go to” excuse to limit the size of a party they’re planning; when in reality, they just don’t want conservatives in attendance. I get it; but just be honest by saying, “this won’t be your kind of crowd.” I wouldn’t want to be in a group of progressives anyway—eating vegan, praising Biden, all the while complaining about the rising costs of everything like it came out of nowhere. It would be too tempting. But instead, they’ll say something like “we’re following the CDC guidelines” which makes me want to hurl as I know it’s a phony excuse progressives use. But we can’t balk as we’d immediately be labeled unpatriotic. Right? Been there, seen that.

But getting back to our government who lies for a living, how do they sleep at night? I thought feeling guilt was an inherent trait all humans possess. Apparently not. But maybe it does get to them judged by Biden’s, Pelosi’s, and Psaki’s appearances lately. Biden has aged so much since the campaign, it’s almost like he has the aging disease whereby you age ten years for every one year. That makes him look and act around 98 years old. Nancy’s face is drooping like a baby’s full diaper and Psaki’s hair is turning devilish red. (Half expecting horns to emerge.) Do any of them have a fear of going to hell? Doesn’t seem like it, even though Biden and Pelosi claim they’re Catholic.

I just don’t understand how these people can continue to be so lawless, corrupt, and downright dishonest and not feel guilty? Are they sociopaths, all of them? Is that even possible? Or has corruption and lying become so commonplace that they feel it has become acceptable in our society? I sure hope not. I sometimes think we have been taken over by an Invasion of the Body Snatchers. All those who conspired along with Biden to steal an election should be tossing and turning in their beds at night. But I feel they are much like Hillary who sleeps like a baby as she has no guilt. (Bad visual.)

Living a guilt free life is so much easier than coming up with a lie. I had to come up with a lie recently so I wouldn’t hurt my dentist’s feelings who didn’t take dental insurance. It weighed on me for days trying to come up with a lie on why I was cancelling my next appointment after they sent me the estimate of $1,900 for a crown. Luckily, my husband was going to have surgery the same day and needed me to take him. Good excuse. I went to my other dentist who takes insurance.

But seriously, how do lies come out of progressive’s mouths so smoothly and effortlessly like Psaki and Pelosi make? I just don’t get it. I know Psaki is lying for her boss, but just because she strokes her hair every time she lies, doesn’t make me believe her. And does that hair dye rub off on her hand? Meeoww! I just don’t like her. She is nothing more than an arm for MSNBC now.

In conclusion, do Progressives feel guilt or do they still think “the means justifies the end” which is just code for: we can break the law or lie with impunity? It’s the 64,000 dollar question. I truly want to know.


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